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  1. KAWsquared, I'll try contacting them later tonight Church Punk, no, i'm trying to use a visa card
  2. How do I buy Windowsblinds? I have tried with 2 credit cards and neither of them work, all I get is that my order was denied and that I had an error in the address section, now I know I typed everything in correctly. Is there another way to buy windowsblinds than the website? because it doesn't work for me
  3. thanks man, now if only someone could fix the problem with xwd (if that happens I wwill use Rosie as a permanent finderbar) just one thing, whenever i'm running firefox with rosie, all I get is firefox on rosie, no file,edit, view, etc., how to I add them?
  4. hey username3d3, what are your configuration settings for rosie? because yours looks nearly perfect
  5. rosie is great for a finderbar clone, I have two questions though 1. Whenever i'm using Rosie and I click on something in XWD (Besides a minimized window) it freezes my desktop and causes me to have to restart my computer ( I have done this twice) what do I do about this? 2. what do you do with the cotton Patch? do you just run it while rosie is running?
  6. Thanks for the help, I have Xwindowsdock 5.2.3 also stored on my computer, so I use it as a backup. I may try the profile manager though
  7. ok, my problem is that I was trying to add a file to Xwindowsdock, when I couldn't find it I just typed it into the file name bar, upon doing that it added an invisible icon (that i can not right click) pictured below. How to I delete that icon? Update: fixed it
  8. Does anybody know how to turn icon reflections on? I've looked thru the preferences menu and I can't seem to find it.
  9. I think I have it fixed, all I had to do was change where I was putting the Xwindowsdock directory Thanks for all the help guys
  10. do you have any idea what could be wrong?
  11. Ok guys, I tried re-installing xwindowsdock, but after I re-install it and restart the dock I get the same error, what should I do?
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