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  1. Thanks. Used Magnifique for the swapping. Too lazy to do it manually. Also used Themepark 4 to mod SArtfile.bin for the menubar.
  2. Hi, Could someone help to identify this font? Thanks
  3. Hi, I would like to request the Ruler Black Shapeshifter theme. The one with the black traffic light buttons. It's featured on Interfacelift but the black version is missing. http://interfacelift.com/themes-mac/details.php?id=108 Could a kind soul who has this theme upload it somewhere? Thanks.
  4. No preview, sorry. Leopard Mod
  5. Would like to request a large version of spidey icon. A 128x128 png would be fine. Thanks
  6. Trying out Leopard. Customizing is not easy
  7. Happy New Year! [ATTACH]13477[/ATTACH] http://venomrat88.deviantart.com/art/Happy...-Year-108022313
  8. [ATTACH]13355[/ATTACH] Larger View
  9. Apologies for digging up an old thread. The server hosting the file seems to be down. Could someone who has this theme post it as an attachment / host it on a file server. Thanks a lot.
  10. [ATTACH]13234[/ATTACH] Ubuntu 8.04 + Emerald
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