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  1. http://kflakes15.deviantart.com/art/Dead-and-Gone-114662294
  2. omg dude wqhere u get the monitor in the first shot and i have that tv in the second not my monitor though lol. What cable do u need to connect to ur tv though
  3. http://kflakes15.deviantart.com/art/Redemtion-111287719 my new one and better then ever. Sorry for no preview
  4. hey can somebody post a tut on how to port skins for the new dock
  5. ok i will send u link to some 2d docks like two of them in a pm
  6. i f*** love this. Nice port can u do a hud 2d one
  7. one thing thought i think the boarder is just a little to thick
  8. actually i am starting to like this one better beside my problem with the stack icon
  9. hi my problem is that the stack icon doesnt fit around the folders. So the folders are to big and i dont know why
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