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  1. Thank you for your replies. 100$ in a 399$ price is an important amount, so I don't want to buy it here, but I cannot think in a solution... I hope someone can bring me one from the States...
  2. Hi there guys, how are you doing? It has been long time since my last post because I am not able to access the net so often during the summer but I have been lurking from time to time and I am quite amazed with all the stuff that is coming out. Congrats. Well, I wanted you to ask, why an iPod costs 100 euros/dolars less in the States than in Europe? I am planning to buy a 15 Gb sized one, but I got really confused when I read this. Have a nice summer!
  3. IMO, NOFX is the best punk band ever. I miss Bad Religion and Lagwagon too... BTW, the best punk rock song ever is "Punk rock song" of Bad Religion
  4. The main reason to change the refresh rate of your monitor is that your eyes get tired/hurted when using rates below 75 Hz (this means that the image "blinks" 75 times in a second, though you do not notice (but do your eyes).
  5. Ender

    Weather V0.4

    Great update albeik. It does not work for me though... 1. When I type a custom URL in the dialog box the docklet always returns N/A. 2. When choosing "Latin America" the docklet does not return the corret weather condition/text format although I have typed "Madrid, EspaƱa" (which is in spanish and the way you must type for Madrid in the search field of www.espanol.weather.com). 3. The docklet will not update again after returning N/A. Thanks for your effort. -EDIT- In fact, the docklet only gives me the expected informationn when using United Kingdom from Sites menu... -EDIT-
  6. [email protected] Sure he will have maby adoring fans, but I was talking about the begining of a project like the one godpunk has began. As he said: Why do you always say the last word?
  7. I'm glad you liked the font design godpunk Now I have fallen in love with your avatar Please don't change it in a while like the others during this days I would be more than happy if I could buy a copy of your work. Many of my friends have bands and I know how important is to get supported when you begin a new project... and BTW, if your friends don't buy your record, who will? Oh, I forgot, I rather the new design of the cover (I mean the non centered red stick one) because this way the image express imperfection (the red stick is not in the center) and matches better with
  8. Congratulations to the best OB skinner! :rule:
  9. It is called "Punk kid" and can be found at www.dafont.com
  10. I like it so far, but I agree with fissyb and stefarkas. What do you think about these?
  11. Try DVD Decrypter or Smart ripper. You can choose to demux the audio from the video and then convert it form AC3 to whatever you want with another progam (in my case I use Azid).
  12. If your are planing to reshack your shell32.dll, what you have to do is open it in reshacker, navigate to "Icon group" and there replace the resources in positions 12 (Blank CD Drive) 41 (Audio CD) 222 (DVD) 228 (Audio CD 256 Color) 291 (DVD-ROM) 292 (Enhanced CD) 293 (Unknown CD) 294 (CD-ROM) 295 (CD-R) 296 (CD-RW) 297 (DVD-RAM) 298 (DVD-R) 302 (Generic CD) 304 (DVD-ROM) 318 (DVD-RW) with your desired ones.
  13. Another interesting thread turning into politics with huge posts that no one feels like to read... Maybe some of you guys are right and we should use the IRC to know us each other... <_< And by the way, music is only a type of art, which means that may be used to express the human feelings through it (like disconformity to the system among other things). With this I mean political bands are not strictrly related with young, rebel and immature people, but with an alternative stream that dares to criticize unfair social situations.
  14. @deadzombie: the soundtrack from "The Nightmare before Christmas" is one of my favorites. @frenzyfloyd: I agree with you. There many names that come into my mind before Thom Yorke when I think about talented singers/songwriters, such as the ones you listed or Maynard James Keenan himself. And now a little question What genre would you say Tool is? No much time ago I heard "Art metal"...
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