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  1. Thanks:) I really glad that you like it.
  2. @loops: Thanks for your comment. There is a logical explanation as to why the categories list turns black after you have selected it. It turns black to tell you that it is what you have chosen, and it also tells you what categories you are currently in if you look towards the top middle of the page in the gray rectangle. The second thing is that we mean to not show how many posts are in each categories, this way the reader will be encouraged to click more:) And yeah sorry about there being no spell check in our search-bar, thank you for pointing out this problem:)
  3. @shmengie Thanks for your feedback:) I will be sure to take this into consideration the next time I design my new website template. I can see how it could be troublesome for some to look at because of the colors. @All Thanks for your comments guys, please keep them coming!
  4. Hi guys this is Ken from http://www.zixpk.com/. I have been running this wallpaper website for a short time and I can't believe what it has evolved to. We now get close to 1,000 unique visitors daily who download a large amount of HD wallpapers. I have written this post with the intention of getting some feed back on how to make http://www.zixpk.com/ better. If anyone has any suggestions please comment, as I am willing to hear your opinions. Thank you in advance, with high regards.
  5. I forgot to mention that the minimum resolution for most of our wallpapers on http://www.zixpk.com/ is 1920x1200!
  6. http://www.zixpk.com/ is also a really good website for wallpapers:)
  7. Hi guys I just wanted to inform everyone who has not yet heard of... http://www.zixpk.com/ We have lots of wallpapers on our site. Our website is easy to navigate and our wallpapers are easy to download, and our wallpapers also come in basically ever single popular screen resolution!! So make sure to check us out at: http://www.zixpk.com/
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