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  1. i dont mind it been there I either use switcher (expose clone), dock tasks or windows aero to switch between windows
  2. Nevermind you can only apply non standard themes in trial version of 1.6 not 2.0 as 2.0 promts you to buy full version!
  3. Ok i worked it out now, just had 2 get used too the menus and options but got it just how I wanted now (a total n00b moment!). But just one last thing..... ..Is there any way of having two effects run on one desklets at the same time. E.g 'Speak' effect and 'Glow'..if not nevermind
  4. Ok having trouble with viewing .pdf formats at times. The thing is that I can view a few certain .pdfs without system crashing But usually crashes when viewing folder that has just all pdfs inside and when trying to view my work which I converted to .pdf format using Microsoft Word 2007 Add-In I actually wouldn't be bothered so much if the program just crashed and I could end it easily with Ctrl - Alt -Del but it seems to take the whole computer down slowing everything down, crashing open programs etc and thats even after its been terminated! Any suggestions on how to stop this and get p
  5. Decided to do this while bored and using iTunes 8 Video options should be incorporated into music screen just as the small thumbnails so you can still see album artwork of track playing but also of movies you may wanna play. When this option is chosen the bar on the left hand side and tracklistings temporarily get replaced with the video thumbnails. Scrolling down from the left causes thumnails to move along the bottom to display new/unshown ones and vice versa for when you scroll from bottom for a slick seamless flow. Once video is chosen video screen pops up and plays video perha
  6. Anyone know where I can get icons of the brand new Q3 2008 Apple MacBook,MacBook Pro,MacBook Air,iMac & Cinema Display. In PNG. format and all with the Aurora wallpaper on displays (The purple spacey one on leopard) Thanks
  7. This has proved quite useful lately Thank You
  8. Thanks alot much appriciated, although I couldn't find them on the Avedesk site?? would have those ones postioned the information to the side of the icon rather than below? as I'd really prefer it like that.
  9. I downloaded the Leopard theme for ObjectBar and I know that ObjectBar costs for the full thing but can themes be applied for it during the 30 day trial period? Is there any way of applying a non standard theme to it, without buying it..even if its temporary!
  10. I like the way the snarl website replicates the growl web page
  11. I get the same error message. How do I resolve it and get application fully working? Plase help
  12. Does anyone know how I would be able to get Windows Messenger aka msn to look like iChat or is there any skins for it in general?
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