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  1. That just sends me to XWindows Dock's download page, but it appears Bobah simply overwrites the past versions. Thanks for the help, though.
  2. I restarted, but it's the same issue. Thanks for the effort though. I think it may have something to do with AveDesk. Whenever I have that turned off, it seems to work fine.
  3. I am experiencing a very annoying issue with XWindows Dock. Practically every time I start it up, it crashes. When it does not do that, it has no labels or magnification even though both of these are selected in the preferences. Does anybody have a download for 5.4? That was the last version that I have not had issues with. By Panta: moved.
  4. Well, the .exe won't accept my microphone/camera setup. But for some reason when I run it from the .swf it runs perfectly.I'm hoping for support for the backdrops in later development. Keep up the good work, it's fantastic.
  5. Hmm, as a fellow GTA player, I'm interested in this. I guess I can help. Just ask for what you need.
  6. You got to make sure in your settings you have it so it doesn't check for updates. I say force quit iTunes and try to do that.
  7. It won't interfere with your Touch. You probably will need to re-import your iTunes library though.
  8. Grapple Yummy is compatible with FF3. And the newest version of iTunes that has the MultiPlugin does support Coverflow, so you're in luck. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=41373 You'll have to uninstall iTunes first though. You might get an error about the Library being made by a newer version of iTunes, so search for the iTunes Library in your computer and delete it and it should work.
  9. I think that for the reflections to stop, there should be another part of the skin overlays the reflections. For example, with the M*c skin, that separate part would be the small bar on the bottom, and it overlays the reflection. Just an idea.
  10. Use Firefox. Skin it like Safari using either FoxDie or Grapple Yummy. For iTunes use an older version of it and use the MultiPlugin. I think it's on this site actually. There's my two cents.
  11. I tested it out. Now at least the Menu Bar doesn't show up! Same problem with the Address Bar though. It just won't go away. Probably because the Vista and XP ones are very different. Keep up the good work KSoft. Hopefully they'll be a more Vista-friendly version soon.
  12. I honestly have no idea. Sometimes they stay off, but other times they just keep coming back.
  13. @fobm4ster I tried it out on Vista already. (check first page) For me it works decently.
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