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  1. hello a-s. I'm not a musician, but I enjoy singing. I just remove the vocals from songs, and sing over'em. If you wanna check'em, you can see them @ my site: http://tahasyed.vze.com Be warned tho, they're not in English.
  2. I was thinking of not posting.. Naah... j/k Happy birthday Tal! Have a good one, and la tansa al banat.
  3. happy birthday to a-s's bastard child!! And stay away from the drinks..
  4. lol... you guys are too funny.. that IS a smile, by the way... <_<
  5. oh come now... at least I'm smiling ...and I was about to say the guy in my avatar is me..
  6. or - you coulda just clicked the icon below: | | | V
  7. only ONE other person chose the iMac 20-inch???
  8. use whichever one you find more appealing. The important thing to remember is to take a breather every now and then. Remember, there's a world outside of computers.
  9. yikes... scary stuff glad to have you back on board. (Y)
  10. I wouldn't mind an 'edit post' button.. :shy:
  11. ack.. where the hell is the Edit button. I meant artistic talent (singular) and surpasses.. :S
  12. omg... you artistic talents surpass EVEN MINE.
  13. love the theme. love the wallpaper! (Y)
  14. dont listen to ANYONE here. See, its like this. If you buy one instead of the other because of what someone says here, then whenever anything goes wrong with your computer, you'd blame that person for convincing you to buy it. And you'll always be very picky about even little things. On the other hand, if you decide for yourself, you'll be satisfied with your purchase. And if something goes wrong with the computer, you wont feel 'wronged' and you wont regret not having listened to someone else's opinion. yeesh.. I'm not making any sense am I?
  15. I totally agree with all that has been stated in the article. Panther has its basket of lemons, no doubt. But I strongly recommend buying Panther because IMO there are way more apples than lemons.
  16. very nice (Y) but uhh... whats a bonzai?
  17. you..got..money..for..your..birthday...
  18. beautiful. simply beautiful. I like the color combination. And I think that the vaio sign really fits in with the brushed surface. Good Job! (Y)
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