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  1. hello a-s. I'm not a musician, but I enjoy singing. I just remove the vocals from songs, and sing over'em. If you wanna check'em, you can see them @ my site: http://tahasyed.vze.com Be warned tho, they're not in English.
  2. I was thinking of not posting.. Naah... j/k Happy birthday Tal! Have a good one, and la tansa al banat.
  3. happy birthday to a-s's bastard child!! And stay away from the drinks..
  4. lol... you guys are too funny.. that IS a smile, by the way... <_<
  5. oh come now... at least I'm smiling ...and I was about to say the guy in my avatar is me..
  6. or - you coulda just clicked the icon below: | | | V
  7. only ONE other person chose the iMac 20-inch???
  8. use whichever one you find more appealing. The important thing to remember is to take a breather every now and then. Remember, there's a world outside of computers.
  9. yikes... scary stuff glad to have you back on board. (Y)
  10. I wouldn't mind an 'edit post' button.. :shy:
  11. ack.. where the hell is the Edit button. I meant artistic talent (singular) and surpasses.. :S
  12. omg... you artistic talents surpass EVEN MINE.
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