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  1. why do you think something like that should be free? as a general concept something that has effort put into it deserves to be recognized and even payed for. it's up to the one who's effort was put there. it's like if your employer believes your work should be free and not pay your salary cause of that... if you do feel that is what you want and need, buy object dock plus, or nexus ultimate (id go for nexus as a suggestion)
  2. JC did mention something about taking Windows 7 taskbar functionality in the next major update. i am using nexus dock on my w7 machine and its working great for me, still i am looking forward to the next update.
  3. hehe, maybe i will once qualify for a license, by the way, can one get just nexus ultimate out of your product sets? i solved the bouncing upper reserved space by removing a few icons and hiding more systray icons.
  4. i found another glitch. if the dock is quite large (many items, icons, tasks, systray) so it kind of reaches the screen side limits, it probably tries to selfadjust? the effect is that windows (reserved edge on for nexus) kind of shimmer on the lowest part. the dock seems to stay put but the hight of the screen reserved area varies, by 2-4 pixels. it sort of "blinks" the maximised running windows above the dock.
  5. i see you have put an updated version 10.04.0889, the autoupdate just served it to me.
  6. i was thinking the same about it being OS issue and not dock "feature". i suppose you can't control the position where it spawns either? for windows 7 i couldnt find how to affect "z order" for taskbar , i assume it's always on i have set the nexus dock to be "same with other windows" and it works but now i get to hide the dock behind non maximised windows, yuck
  7. another small issue: systray icon context menus rightclicking on a systray item usualy brings the menu correctly but that is almost immediately placed "under" the dock. if stil open (mouse was kept within the menu's boundaries) you can still navigate and select menu items even if its visually placed under the dock items: think you can get the menu to stay on top?
  8. it was a firewall issue after all, and i discovered it when a download was blocked. the file downloaded was using the same name but instead the zip was a text file saying "dear l-user since nexus is blocked from access your file will not be downloaded"... damn i had so good opinion on pc tools firewall... nexus launched firefox that downloaded an app that was run that launched a p2p driver download from asus... not even remotely linked "directly" to nexus i manualy reset all rules for nexus and now it works, correct icon, updates and everything.
  9. using the latest version of the nexus dock i can completely hide/remove the windows taskbar. the dock has both task list and systray working and fully customisable. you can check the latest discussions about this in this thread
  10. correct location, but nothing for condition or temperature. and below displays 5 icons with forecast, with temperatures.
  11. firewall did not react to nexus online access necesarely, it kept the popup with "binaries changed for nexus". its the component that warns if the applications already in the trusted list were tampered with, or upgraded for that matter. strangely he kept seeing changes every minute. also strangely, it stopped, but i got a broken weather module. the popup reads the forcast but the icon itself fails to capture temperature.
  12. indeed, the performance issue with ungrouped systray items is no more! and also tested more effects (zoom is my fav, it's more subtle). and the dock itself reacts more swiftly, very fine job there. and i think i know whats up with the firewall going coo-coo on me. i realise the weather module does no longer update. maybe it was the attempts to retrieve the weather.
  13. you could check winstep's extreme solution as well
  14. i am so looking forward to that release. and consider this is not necessarily to match windows 7 superbar, but also the macos dock itself.
  15. runs smooth on the windows xp machine. no fancy firewall here ... but im so sad that me clicking on the icon still spawns multiple instances... shift-clicking does... nothing?
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