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  1. I was wondering if its possible to change the font of each item individually. Here is a example of how i want to make FinderXer. If its not possible to do this i hope somebody can bring up a solution. Thanks Moved to correct thread - mps69
  2. thanks but i already know of those cursor and i used them but in my opinion they are very ugly heres what i made If anyone could upload the original cursor i would make it for windows
  3. I'm a windows user and im looking for the default OS X arrow cursor from leopard or snow leopard in a .png format to convert it for windows,but until now i had no luck. If anyone provide me the resources in the form of the .png i would be grateful
  4. Well i must say that this is one of the best Leopard Finder clones ever.So i want to ask some questions : 1.Will the places bar be customizable? 2.Will there be a right click menu? 3.Will the toolbar be customizable Here is a capture of how it looks for me { I have WindowBlinds and GDI++ }
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