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  1. AirDrop finder sidebar icon (grey) PLS
  2. iPad Launcher download here: http://ivan92ivanov.deviantart.com/art/Launchpad-for-Win7-widescreen-202561725
  3. have u installed adobe flash player? or do u have camera setup or installed?
  4. here you go.im still using it!. Appleminmax.zip
  5. make sure u have installed adobe flash flayer 10 or update your internet explorer.
  6. could anyone upload this safariminmax i accidentally lost mine. file2go been closed
  7. any update for coverflow button to turn on and of ecf of vemod ?? '
  8. CHECK MY GALLERY />http://cns0813.deviantart.com/
  9. u can now download here: />http://cns0813.deviantart.com/art/iTunes-9-0-2-25-macstyle-4-WIN-150608790 pls say tnx to dahlia.he made this for us.. kamsahamnida!!!
  10. finally minmax button change..made by DAHLIA.as request by me. Big tnx for him!!!!!. for iTunes for windows. iTunes MAc style for windows.. Do Not Double Post, use the edit button - mps69
  11. yes i do right click..but i cant see the skin option. last request. could u change d font.the you made tittle font from quicklook.. big tnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. alabanco ds my screenshot Do not double post - mps69
  13. hi alabanco im having problem with this skin take alook d screenshot pls help me. i really like this! happy new year
  14. Tint Screensaver like osx Download Here
  15. hi bobah, hope xwindows dock 2.0 wil improve in startup.because i have trouble wid xwindock and objectbar on startup. its give XWD blank icon and cut screen.hope u understand. plus improvement stackdocklet. and icon blurry tnx ur d man!
  16. this pix.. hope someone can make this for windows. not windowsblind make my pc slow thats why.. on msstyle pls..tnx
  17. anyone got problem with your quicktime 7.6.4?? playback doesnt work? im on win xp. hope apple update this. let me know what urs.. tnx
  18. its for vista only..im on xp and anyone got mssttyle snow leopard which default one..wid aluminum border i think same as itunes but minmax button stil der. tnx
  19. can someone make this snow leopard msstyle. that the skin match to itunes 9. thats leopard aluminum. that what am lookin 4 tnx
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