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  1. hi guys i'm looking for the original HP pavillion Ws wallpapers. Like this ones: [ATTACH]11972[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]11973[/ATTACH] wall1.bmp wall2.bmp
  2. Hi i just buy a new laptop with windows vista and i want to apply visualstyles. Q: i have to install any patch or something???
  3. thanks again, i re-made it [ATTACH]11920[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]11921[/ATTACH]
  4. thanks swimmingrocks but i can't download the pic. (the png has transparence?)
  5. hey guys!, i'm looking for this kind of buttons. A square box. I will use for my powerpoint presentation. anyone can tellme where i can find it?? [ATTACH]11913[/ATTACH] aqua.bmp
  6. impresive!, thanks for sharing
  7. sorry i get it http://itweek.deviantart.com/art/Wood-Board-69998376
  8. i share with you my new pack of Filetypes CS icons i hope you like it. Click in the preview to download
  9. Hi i'm looking for several widescreen, high quality walls of: Monument Valley or Grand Canyon Some like this, but BIGGER * and Corcovado in Brasil
  10. Hi i found this extraordinary icon sets, but all in dmg format. Anyone knows where i can download for windows format (png or ico) or any can convert.
  11. i can see your preview. Maybe if you attach the file
  12. zx0514 thanks for share this Fantastic set of wallpapers!!!
  13. Hi again guys i was wondering if any of you knows where i can find a Western Widescreen Wall I have this ones, but i want something MORE REAL. i appreciate your help
  14. Excelent!! i use your icons all the time!
  15. i appreciate your effort, but the resolution is not so good [ATTACH]11364[/ATTACH]
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