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  1. thx, but yz dock (low memory, always on top, no magnification config) works perfect
  2. hi guys please your help here: When i work with many windows, usually i want to access to another program like the calc or notepad, and i used to use the native Quick Launch bar, but i tired of that. I tried Office Launch bar, and i really like the Title Bar integration feature, but i hate de appearence: So, i was wondering if you know any app, that i can use, any tiem while i work, i where i can launch my favorites apps (i dont want launcher that consume a lot of memory, or launchers for the desktop)
  3. i'm running mobireader, but i dont like the original icon. I'm looking for a NewsPaper PNG icon maybe something like this
  4. hi guys i'm looking for a icon for my "NEWS Reader" app, so waht do you recomend me
  5. Muku, is not the same, but works fine! http://326michiru.deviantart.com/art/Muku-1-0-1-33989385
  6. you're right. Is not the same! These ones are the same: [ATTACH]13539[/ATTACH][ATTACH]13540[/ATTACH] download the entire pack i just missing the frog icon. anyone??
  7. These awesome folder icons... and frog too
  8. [attach]12967[/attach][attach]12968[/attach][attach]12969[/attach][attach]12970[/attach][attach]12971[/attach]
  9. i asked, but he dont answer, i believe he dont check his blog anymore. but the folder is from Leopard pack. i want only a few icons, not all.: firefox one, black folders and admin (the one under bluetooth), etc
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