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  1. can someone help with comments 88 and 93. thanks much By Panta: no bumping at XWD sub-forum! :slant:
  2. xwd minimized application windows into dock. This is actually quite a severe issue. to clarify the issue, xwd seems to capture minimize clicks to minimize onto the dock. this part is as designed. however, if i have apps that open windows and i minimize those, xwd seems to capture those as well and minimize onto the dock. For example, in paint shop pro, i can open several images. when i minimize an image in psp, it typically resides within the app itself and not on the windows taskbar. however with xwd, it captures that and minimizes it onto the dock. this causes psp to crash. it also then caus
  3. nicely put andrew. i'm usually bummed when mods push their weight around. i think it takes away from the work put in by the devs for no fault of theirs. By Panta: moved along with previous post.
  4. can some help me out with my skin. Im attaching my skin files. I can't seem to get the reflection not going over the end of the dock. I have the mask and the rest of the dock skin files attached. hopefully someone can point out what im doing wrong. thanks pfdock_skin.zip
  5. thanks for the response. speed/stability is way more useful than skin support. end of project!! the request thread just grows longer and longer . JK. I think this dock far exceeds the others. Hope the project stays alive with at least minor updates from time to time.
  6. 1. When I use a stack icon, the the folder icons in the stack look very small. Look at the no icon image. When I don't use a stack icon, the the folder icons are normal size. I didnt find an option for min size of icons (unless you are referring to the grid icon size). This has nothing to do with grid. This is just the stack icon on the dock itself. 2. grid-lefttop and grid-left are 10px wide. I can attach the grid pngs here if needed. where can i find grid-skin thanks
  7. bump Do not bump - if and when someone finds a solution they will let you know - mps69
  8. guys.. im not sure if these are bugs.. so posting here for clarification. 1. when i add a stack icon to a stack, the icons becomes very small and look really strange. Without the stack icon, things look A-ok. Images attaches for with and without. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/163717/stack_w_icon.png http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/163717/stack_wo_icon.png 2. in trying to create a skin for the grid. However, the grid left png is not being recognized. I've had other issues where it was miscalculating right sometimes and so on. screenshot of the problem here http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/163717/stack_gr
  9. request: make xwd a portable app rather than installer.
  10. feature request for plugins Xcal - click animation that shows calendar to be similar to the stacks grid animation (maybe even use the same settings). - already mentioned this in the main thread but repeating here. Option to change font, angle, colors for date and month. XWeather. - Option to change font for temp. - On click, have a 3/5 day forcast in a stack like grid animated box (similar to xcal calendar). ctrl-click to open weather.com
  11. yep.. i dont know how to do this. i usually just remove and re-add
  12. almost forgot, auto-update xwd on new version.
  13. my requests 1. No effect to minimize to dock. Currently I have to choose between effects both of which do not run smoothly on my laptop. I want to minimize to dock but not have any effects. 2. I second jakub.karasek's request. I use litestep so don't use a taskbar at all. All my apps are minimized to the dock from where I access them. What would be cool to is to have only icons for all running apps in the dock and then when you press and hold on it, it shows all instances of that app that is running. I think someone has already put out a request similar to this in the main thread. 3. Add a
  14. Not sure if I was clear about my post. My issue has nothing to do with skin or preferences. Lets say my screen resolution is 1600X1200 and xwd is positioned to the bottom center of the screen. Now, if I change my resolution to 1024X768 then XWD doesnt not reposition itself to the new bottom center. It stays where it was originally outside the visible area of the screen. same applies on reverse. Going from 1024x768 to 1600x1200, the dock stays floating somewhere in the middle of the screen rather than the center bottom. hope that is clear. I know rocketdock would reposition when screen resol
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