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  1. Hi. I've used VS2010 for windows 7 x64 and InnoSetup for setup. Please let me know if I missed any file when pushing the sources to github. After build you should put all files into release folder and try to run the release build, if everything is okay then move files to build setup.
  2. Hi Everyone. Long time no answer, sorry, but I am not able to continue working on this project, now it's Open Source, please wait and soon all sources will apear here: https://github.com/vladlichonos/XWindows-Dock-2.0 Now I'm in the USA, so please, feel free to donate, I will provide donate button soon as well on my own web-site http://vladli.com
  3. 3d-background-edge-rect=a,b,c,d. Control d value. Greater to move dock panel up3d-indicator-skip-bottom=a. Control a value. Greater to move indicator up In skin.ini file.
  4. Hi all. Glad to see you'r still taking an interest of it. Now I have changes in my life and it will continue. Really not sure that I can and like to continue working on the dock. I know we are waiting for Mac OS Lion that has a lot of new and interesting features, but unfortunately I'm not sure that it's possible to make really cool stuff for XWD, because you know, it's Windows and if we continue to add new features it may make the dock very large and buggy, that's not good. That's why I think it's suspended. Right now I cannot tell you anything else, one thing, I may continue working on it i
  5. You can find c# (.cs file) class in sources folder in xwd folder. Just you this class's methods and that's all. What's the problem?
  6. Yep, there is a problem, ExampleDocklet.def but in project file it's named ExmapleDocklet.def. I think you can simply rename file to ExmapleDocklet.def. And you cannot control behavior of the dock by plugins yet, may in future I'll implement a type of plugins to make possible change behaviour of the dock.
  7. Please try to redownload xwindows dock. I think I've already fixed this issue.
  8. For now it only shows amount of unread emails, in future may add additional functionality. So right now you have to go to the web/email client and open gmail page yourselves.
  9. May in next version I will try to implement Buttons and Previous Docs (like in Windows 7 taskbar/menu) funcionality in the dock. Right now not sure, thanks for interesting issue.
  10. Right now I've given to developers C# support, anyone can spend some time to develop own C#/WPF (for example) plugin, like I've added by default, with all features and simply great design. I think make a such apps with WPF is easy than it can be.
  11. What system do you use? When does it happen? What were you doing when it started? and so on...
  12. Hi. Thanks for using this app. Let's look at Skins\Default folder. You can find all materials there to make your own skin. Read Skin.ini carefully, whole information is there. About problem with container, it's my fault, cause before we didn't install XWD on C:\Program Files\, right now I've reuploaded installer with new Plugin Container. Please, who has this problem, redownload it and reinstall it. Thanks again.
  13. It's simple installer, that's why you have to run the installer as administrator. If you have not got these rights, then ask admin of the PC to install this application.
  14. 1. Copy file of containerpublic.exe into the same folder \Public Plugins\Container\ 2. Run it 3. See new icon in the dock 4. Move any folder and drop it over the new container's icon Done.
  15. New container is beta I think in next release it will be killed.
  16. Download addon from web-site, click menu in the dock and see "Plugin Manager"
  17. Sorry for delay and thanks for waiting. @XWDock 2.0.3 update is here! Download it, enjoy it, and tell the world about this amazing update!
  18. Guys! We'd like to be sure that everything is working well and looks pretty first of all. If you cannot wait anymore please, watch http://twitter.com/#!/xwdock/
  19. Hi guys. I'm thinking about minimize, I have today to do that, cause soon I'll have no time again. So, we have some ways to get minimzing, and if understand issues, please "rate": 1. Get screenshot of apps, like with 5.6, but unfortunately if window is already minimized or is out from screen (for example a part of window) you will see instead of screenshot, just a black window. Works with XP,Vista,7 2. Get screenshot of apps, but I cannot make minimizing effect, only rectangle-scaled effect. You can see realtime update this thumbnail even in the dock, but cannot get reflection of this t
  20. Hi guys! I'd like to say, that we are testing new build right now. There are a lot of new improvements and features that I hope you'll like it as well. As I said before I'll share new API that allows to use C#/WPF (for example), that's why we decided to make new part of the dock. New part is Public Plugins Manager. It's an additional application. It will help you to install and manage public plugins with dock. One moment, is this part requiers .NET 4 Framework, but if you do not want to use it, you can still install only dock and do not install this part. As additional, this part will give y
  21. Thanks I just want to make the dock very usefull and stable with what we already included in it together guys.
  22. Hi, you know, for example in Mac OS X, if there is no one finder's window you can still see indicator, cause finder.app is running, the same thing for expoler.exe in xwd. About adding new apps that are running but not in the dock yet, okay, I think it would be great.
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