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  1. Here is a screenshot taken when I had just started to visit here. These were the good old days. (click to enlarge) And that is the unreleased alpha of object dock, made way before moby released his dock on this site.
  2. I just uploaded all the old things you asked for Philosopher: http://therealduckie.net/public/genieeffect.rar http://therealduckie.net/public/OD1.rar http://therealduckie.net/public/OD2.rar Thank Duckie for hosting.
  3. [edited] Goku and Duckie have made a much better skin that is near perfect at http://www.therealduckie.net/
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :ss_goku: :cheers: :goku:
  5. Right click iShut and choose "Log Off" mode. That is the VB comon controls library that you are missing. Try googling and installing them.
  6. I included all the icons in .png format in the "SKIN RESOURCES" folder included in iShut. If you still want them in .ico format I can upload them for you if you want.
  7. I forgot to post the news of iShut version 2.0 being released. So now i'll let everyone know about the new version version 2.1 which includes iShutConfig. iShutConfig allows you to edit settings for iShut fast and easily, much like SplashConfig does for SplashPanel. Here are the changes in the new versions: iShut v2.0 • By popular demand I added a "Sleep" button which makes your computer go into hibernation. • Now when you right click iShut you get a menu of which mode you want to be in. (i.e.. Shutdown mode, Logoff mode) • Added fading fade in/out effect. • Added some new skins and improved
  8. This isn't really a bug in iShut, it's a bug with some Visual Styles and WindowBlinds skins. Try the new version of iShut 2.1 and see if that helps.
  9. iShut 2.0 is at iberic.tk or http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ieub/beric/
  10. I noticed that glitch too. I've ResHacked localhost's plugin so now it has more accurate graphics for the corners and traffic light buttons. By the way...Awsome plugin localhost!! Everyone needs to download it. (Y)
  11. I've got it hosted temporarily. Link to KkMenu FREEWARE Docklet I hope this is what your asking for.
  12. Sorry about the broken link on my site, I beleive it's working now.
  13. Great work!! I love MOBYDOCK DX! It's been my favorite dock for a while now. Nice job on the new site too, it looks very professional. :own:
  14. Great to hear from you mrAqua! (Y) I was thinking you had left for good. I'm glad your still around!!
  15. 1. Click the "Add" button. 2. Highlight the folder you want to add in the right side of the panel (ex."My Music"), but do not double click to expand. 3. Press the "Choose" button.
  16. You extranct the contents fro the .rar file then copy the resource.001 to the "/Resources/" folder in the nAMP folder. I don't think you can right now because of an nSkin compile bug which allways changes the caption to "nAMP". In future releases of nSkin and nAMP you should be able to though. (Y)
  17. Sorry, lthe link is now fixed to the right version.
  18. All of my nAMP iTunes 4 skins are now updated. There are many new changes including a variation names "iTunes 4 Shiny" and fixing variuse small things. The current state of my nAMP skins are; •iTunes 4 Normal v0.2 •iTunes 4 Shiny v0.1 •iTunes 4 Blue v0.2 •iTunes 4 Graphite v0.2 You can download them at iBeric.tk
  19. As soon as I can do some new screenshots and update my site.
  20. I had allready tried to make that a while ago but it is impossible right now to make that dot stay centered on nAMP, if you resize nAMP the dot will be too low or too high. Sorry I can't do anything about it right now. Maybe in a future nSkin release I can. Edit// Thanks for the suggestions though. Thants what makes the skin better and better, because sometimes I miss little details.
  21. Thanks Predator, skyliner34, and uhohzitzcooky! I'll have those fixes in my next release of my skin. ::Edit:: Never mind i've finished those requests and will release as soon as a make a few more misc. fixes.
  22. I don't see any difference between the buttons I use for the skin and the one shown in you screenshot. Please explain to me the difference so that I can make your request for you.
  23. For everyone that can't acess .tk domains here is anouther link: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ieub/beric/
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