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  1. I'll be happy to make one. Anything special you'd like it to do? And which font would you like it to use?
  2. Five new screenshots up on my deviantArt Page. Enjoy !
  3. [ EDIT ] Project cancelled. Thanks for the interest over the years.
  4. Cool, thanks for making it. Lots of functionality in a little space (something I can appreciate!). +1.
  5. Litestep has had an upgrade or two. I've upgraded the Litestep in the current build of AeroShell. It does a lot of new things, and fixes some old bugs. Definetely worth the upgrade. I have another theme in the works, Kavin has one coming, Xybre is making a killer BBLean-inspired one, and I've got two more planned for porting from AveShell (Simple and Nexus) in the very near future. AeroShell 1.5 is gonna be great.
  6. No problem. The AveShell side of the project has ended. No further updates will be made to it for the forseeable future. And with it went the AveForms Testing project as well. There were a lot of things that AveDesk/SysStats/AveScripter can do which were and are beyond my capabilities to make happen. Maybe someone who has mastered AveScripting would be willing to take over. Barring that, the project really has hit a dead end. Anyone wishing to take over AveShell development who knows their stuff can contact me via PM and we'll discuss it.
  7. Just thought I'd let everyone know that the newest build of the Samurize & Litestep-based AeroShell is now in limited tested, with good bug reports and fixes being made. The shell boasts a TON of improvements over past offerings, and the bug reports (and the subsequent fixes) have made it even better. No Aqua theme is available just yet, but I'm sure once Sketching and Kavin get their hands on it, it'll only be a matter of time. Just a heads up for anyone interested.
  8. Sweet. How about I wait on the Aqua skin until we're done with our other skins. I know that I want to get Simple and Nexus done with a quickness. I'm dropping Aero-3 tho. Your Vista skin will far surpass it. Oh, and the TextOut plugin can be downloaded in the Downloads section at Samurize.com, in case anyone needed it.
  9. Oh, I still have all your graphics you made for the Aqua skin. If you want, I'll be happy to port it to this build, and update all the font stuff. I should have Elements done by tomorrow.
  10. Hey, sketch. Project has been moved to Aqua-Soft for the time being. Feel free to flood the thread with me lol..
  11. Seems like every time I think that the project has hit a dead end, I make some progress... This latest breakthru is a biggie. ONE project is ending, though...AveShell. Why? There are (and have always been) limits to what I could do with AveShell. I knew this from the get-go. AveDesk and SysStats, being the quality pieces of software that they ARE (and will alyways be), just weren't made to do what I've envisioned (or come up with in a drunken stupor, in other words). AndreasV and Judge BOTH have always been nothing but helpful and patient with me and my questions, and I'll always appreci
  12. A similiar problem was encountered when Uziq was making the MiniBrowser. Apparently the solution is to set the browser to absolute top in the layering z-order (where it belongs anyway lol). No other layers in THAT config could cover it up, but other configs could. It's still going to pop to the topmost when it has focus, but it's a workaround. As for the z-ordering problems elsewhere, I've run into that. For instance, with AveClock the 'always-on-top' desklet z-order setting dosen't always keep it on top, and the taskbar ends up covering it up for no reason. If we can get an 'absolute on to
  13. I've asked for some of this before: - Web Browser control, with the ability to send commands (back, forward, stop, home, reload, up a level and go), have links launch IN the browser from outside of it (like Uziq's MiniBrowser control based on Oborzevatel for litestep). Based on IE so that shellfolders work (and have full access...). I've BEEN doing this by overlaying one from Samurize on top of the AveDesk config, I'd like to be able to do this natively using AveDesk alone. - Expand the capabilities of the Menu control by allowing the user to set a folder for it to read (example: the Sta
  14. I *always* need help. Y'all should know that by NOW hehe...
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