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  1. I'm telling you it's impossible bro... tried all the solutions before posting for help here... I know how the skinning system of xwd2 works and it's not really that difficult since they are all logical setting... but neither in theory nor does in pratice this doesn't work and I'm wondering if maybe there's something that Bobah knows and we don't. Maybe you can prove me wrong and you can make it work... in which case I'll be glad if you could! About the background trick... used to do that way back when using Litestep or BBLean... this is not really that big of deal, just curios if xwd2 can do
  2. hey there... need some help! I'm trying to create a skin in 2d mode which would extend from one endge to the other of the screen much like the one in the screeshoot bellow and it seems impossible to do this in xwd2 skinning system... can someone confirm this? Screenshot here
  3. I know about your skins bro... so I'm not surprised... I've talked to you on dA if you remember... but like I told you there, that's not the way this dock was meant to be skinned because for example you can change the angle of any skin without ruining its design. In your themes the angle is set at 0 Degrees and if you change angle it looks ridiculous. Further more your skin is usable only at a certain size which is not really good in my opinion since the icons size are depended on the dock size and vice-versa. the skinning engine has other flaws like for example the edge isn't resizing with
  4. hey Bobah don't forget to fix the rendering of the edges... what I mean is that the edge doesn't stretch like the background so it always shows the left margin making thus impossible to create rounded of faded edges of the bottom edge. I think you know what I mean. Many people don't really need magnification and minimize to dock because that's why we have the taskbar in windows... please work on a better skinning engine, even if you do make xwd2 commercial I would certainly buy it! good luck!
  5. marketing is not the problem here for xwd2... the software even though it's still a beta has a real success... people are downloading it like crazy even though xwd 5.6 works perfectly in win7 as well on xp. the problem is that almost none of these people are willing to donate a mere dollar or euro or something to the developer. I bet that more than 2000 people are using it and I see that there were more than 60.000 downloads at launch. Imagine if only half of the people would donate 1 Euro... that would be a good reward for bobah at least enough to make him work on xwd2. And there are many way
  6. I'm reading here so many Thanks but no real result... did anyone actually further developed xwd 5.6? now that bobah has stopped working on the xwd2 and will eventually sell the code to some software company, I think dock lovers and developers alike should work on what we have, and we DO have the source code to an amazing piece of software already which is xwd5.6. So are there any volunteers on working to make this dock better than xwd2 and better than any other dock software on Windows???
  7. regarding the open source... even xwd2 would be open source, the development would be as slow as it is now or maybe even slower and chaotic. I suggest you to sell the code to a company that would develop this dock further and not buy it just to add another product in their collection or to kill it. So before you sell it, please make sure the software company deserves this great piece of software! Good luck and hopefully one day we can buy xwd2(or whatever name it would have) because right now I wouldn't use ObjectDock or any software from Stardock even I they would give it out for free(which b
  8. So I'm not totally insane! Someone else is noticing this stuff... anyway hope to get in xws2 at least half of the options xwd 5.6 had!
  9. that's what I'm saying... chill, I'm just trying to help this piece of software get better and better, not just for me but for all. I've been using docks for a looong time, from the first version of Object dock, Yz dock, later on Rocket dock and RK launcher
  10. Hey douche... every developer needs feedback... I'm not ordering him to do anything... I'm telling things how they are right now and Bobah was contradicting me with no reason. No great piece of software evolves with comments like: "Great software, right on!" and stuff. And if you are a real tester or user or something, do you like the nonsmooth edges of the dock when the angle changes to other than 30 Degrees? I'm a perfectionist so I like things to be done perfectly and if I can help things get better why shouldn't I? This is a free reg forum for the people to speak their mind! So after brows
  11. I totally understand... 1. In the previous version 5.6 the dock kept it's size when the icons were resized... the only thing that should change is the width, the height should stay the same or have some option to turn this off. The way this works in 2.0.2 it's not working well... remember how the dock on Mac works and also how xwd 5.6 works. I know you are creating xwd 2 from scratch, but don't forget the good parts of xwd 5.6 and also why so many people used it. I'm sure most people would agree on this one. So the dock should change it's Width and not it's Height. 2. People will never switch
  12. I'm not making this up... here you'll see that I'm right... check out my screenshot: LINK 1. I've increased the icons size but the size of the dock also grew. 2. As you can see the edges are not antialiased like the should after changing the dock angle to 60 Degrees Maybe in your latest build these things are fixed... I'm using the latest beta 2.0.2
  13. Hey Bobah... 2 suggestion for a future release: 1. The icons' size should be independent from the size of the dock 2. The skinning engine needs more improvement regarding the antialising of the 3d edges... right now the edges look good at 30 Degrees. Again congrats on this impressive project!
  14. Here's some serious problem in the skin engine... trying to make a skin and I would like to make the left and right edges of the background-edge-3d.png to be faded with less opacity and the start and end... I've edited the background-edge-3d.png which is at 2426x6 px and also wrote this down in the skin.ini put I can only see the left margin being faded in like it supposed to be... if I do the same with background-3d.png and fade the left and right margins it works... so why doesn't this work on the background-edge-3d.png?? Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Here's the background-edge-
  15. I'm not saying that xWd saves the settings in the wrong place... just that I don't really agree with this UAC approach of windows and saving the settings of software in all over the place... to a power user this sucks! many bad coded apps leave folders of this kind behind after uninstall so manual cleaning has to be done. windows should create a folder Users in the root folder of each software and accordingly there should the settings for each user be stored in folders like User/User1 or User/User2 etc. Anyway thanks for the tip and glad to see that xwd 2 is portable but would be great for
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