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  1. I've just found this, seems not to be mentioned here before: />http://rafaelklaus.com/macomfort/ Mac OS keyboard shortcuts, Quicklook, Expose, sound control & disk eject OSD etc.
  2. Actually, the mouse works quite well (minus horizontal scrolling and side "buttons"; just two buttons and clickable scroll). And you can't configure it like in Mac OS. Anyway, it's nice, even with Windows.
  3. I have just found this little app: http://myadarola.blizzle.com/pub/methodik/xBar-1.6.zip It allows tweaking the taskbar - hiding it, setting its transparency, hiding various elements and many others. Seems quite useful.
  4. Good news and nice app, but... is it possible to decrease somehow the distance between the icons and the lower edge of the background without distorting the background image (in the case of the Leopard theme)? Now the icons are placed too high - this does not look very good. And the icons are a little bit blurry; what is the best file format and size to replace them? Anyway, thanks! Waiting for the next release...
  5. @firecracker6, I've tried with several TT skins, unfortunately, I couldn't get working left-sided trafficlights. Actually, any of TT skins I've found has some faults (something does not look very good or does not work etc.). I've slightly modded one of them and it works quite good with TT (attached below). But with Bs it would be possible to have the shadow also. Maybe someone can solve the problem of the trafficlights. Anyway, @komalo, good job, mabrook! LeopardXP.zip
  6. Check Hide Menubar add-on for Forefox (https://addons.mozilla.org/pl/firefox/addon/4762), IMO it's better than Tiny Menu - it hides the whole menubar, and you can show it by pressing Alt
  7. I've just found this: www.vinylsoft.com The player is really fast and nice, I like it and I made a Leopard-styled skin for it. Maybe someone will like it too. (There are two versions of the skin: left- and right-sided). Mac_for_Winyl.zip
  8. Many thanks for your work, Matonga. I've tested the stack with: ObjectDock 1.90 builkd 536 - works smoothly; Rocket Dock 1.3.5 - uses approx. 5 times more RAM than OD and RKL (but as far as I remember, the same was without the stack also); RK Launcher 0.41 beta build 282 - works smoothly, problems with multiple stacks (described already somewhere here, solved by creating several StackDocklet.dll's) In RD and RKL icon reflections look not very good, but this is the problem of docks, not the stack, I think. Thanks again!
  9. @nrossow: I have downloaded the config yesterday, applied it and I'm deeply impressed. It's absolutely fantastic, man! Thanks a lot!
  10. @ nrossow: thanks for the component list. Finally got all of them. Could you share WSH scripts, if it's ok with you (I presume volume and seekbar are WSH panels, right?) BTW, how many people are enough for you to release it? Again, great job!
  11. Looks great! I use Foo, but I couldn't configure it to have a similar look. I hope you will release it soon! BTW, could you list the components you use (together with their versions)?
  12. Runs smoothly with OD 1.9 build 536. Too large icons (and the background, too) in grid mode. It would be nice if the icons in grids/fans can be sized in the final release. Thanks!
  13. Try this one: http://www.pazera-software.com/products/free-upx/ it's more user-friendly than the command-line version. Copy the .exe file into a folder of your choice, run Free UPX and you will have all necessary buttons in the upper part of te window. "Add file" you want to unpack and "Decompress". By default the unpacked file should be saved instead of the packed one (check the file size). Then you can change the icon with ResHack.
  14. Thank you, Matonga. I did it. It works great. It's exactly what I needed.
  15. First, thank you, Matonga, for all the great apps! I'm using the same version of ObjectDock (1.9 build 536) and the stack works quite smoothly, but there are some flaws: - when the stack is closed, icons are visible below the bottom of the overlay icon; - when it is open, the stack's title is still visible (both illustrated in the picture below); - memory use rises from ca. 3,5 MB (with 4 old stacks) to over 7 MB (4 old + 1 new). Anyway, I like it already.
  16. Thank you, it was good solution. This way my FF looks much better.
  17. I use FF 3 with Grafire skin. After adding the CompactMenu icon in the Bookmark toolbar the highlighted bookmarks look "broken", ie. the left rounded end is slightly higher than the rest of the highlight (as in the picture below). Is it possible to fix it with Stylish or some other way?
  18. I did it already. InfoTips too, but the infos still are there.
  19. It's a skin for the MacSearch app by Landvermesser. Quite old, but the best one, IMHO, if you don't like to use Google Search
  20. Possibly not perfect: it's based on screenshots only, so any suggestions would be welcome. The "pressed" icon is adjusted to the LeopardXP vs by Vladimir0523 (http://vladimir0523.deviantart.com/art/LeopardXP-VS-83752116) Leopard_MacSearch.zip
  21. Is it possible to disable the popups at systray? I've disabled balloon tips and info tips in the registry, but they are still there. Are there any other ways to get rid of them?
  22. Go to this thread: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=50906 download the zip file (BTW it's a great Explorer toolbar by KSoft), unzip it, run hide_flag.reg Done
  23. First, thanks for the great docklet. Now, I can't imagine how could I live without it. But there is a small problem. I've switched from the ver. to I like it, especially the way it displays the stacks, but I couldn't keep the stack icon: after each restart the icon was gone, there was just empty place below fan/grid of icons. (On a regular basis I use it with ObjectDock, but I tried wit RocketDock and RKLauncher with the same result.) Does anyone know where the problem lies?
  24. No. (I mean, it's the latest version, available above). The Expose icon in my screenshot is for TrueTransparency, but I'd like to change it. kftrainer: I've understood that PS Tray Factory simply hides the icons, not changes them?
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