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  1. I have a mac, and I have Windows 7 on my mac. The only customization I want it font changes. And visual styles. Which seem non existent so far.
  2. on the final version of Windows 7. Windows 7 Enterprise Release Version Your application makes the explorer cease to be seen, it doesn't have any affect desired. Rumor Crashed. If you want a version number of my Windows let me know....
  3. Those are tiger stoplights... Leopard stoplights are these -> http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x86/MsS...ng?t=1240631855 Not the aqua things from tiger
  4. CLICKEZ for DeviantArt Information on Deviant Art
  5. wow kaws u love messing with peoples heads...
  6. Search for the ultimate leopard xp.. it has an ok list.
  7. CLICK PICTURE Theme: VeriEasy Font: Comfortaa.dfont (Pm it's okay with the author if I share) Dock: Auratus Pretiosa avec Float Ocean Indicators Icons: XIII
  8. If you are really flustered just tell me the dock and I will do it for you on my mac. Hmmm. I don't have candy bar, and the superdocker site doesn't have it so nvm from this mac buddy but any other dock you want from superdocker.com I can send to you ha. If you send me an E-Mail here, then from now on I will be your buddy and extract them for you. Upload on megaupload, and send . [email protected]
  9. Hello. I love this theme. Shame that it's not for mac lol.
  10. yeah truetransparency actually doesn't add transparency, I like it better than leftsider...
  11. Answering to the actual thread title, I think that google needs to create a clean operating system that requires little memory and is compatible with applications and games in windows and stuff from mac too. Which isn't possible, but we didn't think that google would ever know every site, as of yet it does.
  12. Can someone peice together the best font collection again? All links after constant lurking are dead. Um woops.
  13. This is a formal request for someone to reupload the whole pack again?
  14. oh I thought it was just me and I was like oh no... I love macthemes, bh2 i've seen how active u are there haha.
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