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  1. Really looking cool mate, I am gonna try it now.
  2. It's working hilarious. All the functions those implemented working without problem. Thanks BOBAH13, that's a great comeback
  3. When will we taste beta? I am waiting for this months.
  4. There is a program called "Fences". Lol
  5. Just crop the image from top and bottom and make this fit 16:10. But you will never get the quality of original one. If you want that, you must vectorize it. But you must challenge to make it looks good. And I have no time for this. Sorry mate.
  6. And it's compatible with standalone stack 2 except some minor issues. (Ctrl+click etc.)
  7. I like it, I think it's promising. Thanks for your precious efforts. Well, it has some problems I've seen but it's still beta isn't it?
  8. You can add or modify shortcuts and some gadgets on objectbar.
  9. I'm gonna try it now, I hope it's gonna be awesome.
  10. XWindowsDock v5.6 has some cpu issues in my 7x64 installed machine. Because of that I postponed to use XWD for a while. But; in BOBAH we trust . I'm in belief that he will make us happy.
  11. soooooo ugly?! What're you talking about? BTW If you're so disturbed about that you can use 7 x86.
  12. You're welcome. If I remember right, you can do such things with AveDesk.
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