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  1. i think this is hackintosh [which i am running] lol you should post that here, trust me i posted it and they warned me and stuff lol
  2. hell yes it is sometimes it gets boring XD
  3. Anyone know what dock is the best for windows 7? i mean i like the task bar cuz its sort of like a dock but its not the same. Ive seen some docks on Dell and HP computers but their only for their own machines. Im waiting to see Bobah13's new dock but i want to try some out before his so anyone have any idea?
  4. naw its just Mr. Fag, im no tranny... i like trannys even though im not one myself....or am i.... hmmm????
  5. pfft "interwebs gentleman" yea right more like a eThug u should take some lesson from mps69 hes a real interwebs gentleman
  6. see now thats how a REAL Man asks politely for me to change my signature and sir i will do so XD anyways what fun this has been wasnt it ... "we should do this more often kawsquared & scissorhands7 & Levi"....... NOT!
  7. YEa i wanted to PLEASE! all "Bitching" and end this shit cuz im more of a man than all u XD PS: "Thank the lord" ahahahaha now that is stupid LMAO
  8. go ahead i dont give a fuk how about i help u edit it well do all that photoshop shit and put some nasty pictures of me sucking well... u know... Lollipops XD Yay ima be a internet celeb thank you XD
  9. WTF! my Pic and Signature are GORGEOUS!!!!!! i dont know wtf u iz talkin bout honney, mabey cuz ur old, maybe thats y u dont get it... Pffft i wish... thats Jeffree Star!!!! only the Most Beautiful trannys and Musician EVER! ---------------------------------------------- ANYWAYS ima be the BIGGER Man and end this "stuff" but yea Windows 7 is betterrrrr and thats all i gatta say
  10. sweetie its not the same shit!....I may swallow a dick now and then, but i dont eat it! dumbass see now that should be something u should be removed from here cuz that was insulting....
  11. Hell yea im a faggot AND!!!!!!!!!!!! naw now ima stay to annoy ur dumbass so get used to it!!!!!!!
  12. uhh honey im a guy so get ur facts straight b4 u speak Okay! and PS: If they dont ban u for going around a talkin "Stuff" about everyone and their work, when they probably worked hard on it, then YTF! would they ban me??? So baby im not scared of u cuz all u iz, is a trashtalkin E-Thug,thats all i gatta say XD
  13. hahahahaha lol my bad i just rigt clicked and selected the first corrected word XD
  14. pffft hahaha lol their not ganna ban me for having a fabulous signature. they should ban u for acting like ur the S*** when ur defiantly NOT!!!!!!!!XD
  15. OMG! cant wait till its oout u do great work
  16. NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i like my sigiture the way it is so dont ask again or bi&*% about it again THXZ!!
  17. Hmm easy one. Windows 7. I dont like Vista its buggy and kind of ugly. Microsoft actually made something good with Windows 7. I know for a fact because im running Windows 7 Ultimate .
  18. Oh My Lawd Gurl, Kitties song "Cut Throat" is ganna be in the new Saw
  19. well its also illegal to hack windows with stuff like flyakite and stuff like that but people still do it
  20. Well I Love watching the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" right and well during one of the parts in the beginning they pass the Beautiful Mac Comps and i know Andreas Wallpaper comes with the Mac its the "Lotus" but im wondering if anyone knows where i can get the same exact wallpaper Emily has, i know its the Arc de Triomphe in Paris but i don't know where to get it.... anyone know where i can get it??
  21. hi i installed both of these and i still get an error message saying i dont have the proper files installed..... then i went over and installed it on my small netbook and it worked there and i transfered the files from coverflow folder to my main desktop and ran the program and it worked, but i dont get the right click on the menu pop ups in explorer but yea..... i dunno y the installer didnt start :/
  22. okeii well i have a website that im bring up and its flash. Im using a template from Flashmo and i have like no idea where the the names and the links of the pages are located so i can edit them lol i took some classes for flash in high school but i didnt get this advanced... can some one help me pretty please if u can tell me how to change the names of the links that would be asum FLA file thnxz
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