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  1. how bout something for iTunes??
  2. okay don't subscribe. period. forget about it.
  3. This won't Help bobah13 in anyway!? are you serious? So if they launch the website, Who is going to make their official video? I guess you can ask bobah13 that question. I'll just remove all the dock videos that is XWD related on my account. thanks a lot! have a good night
  4. It's still beta release, that is up now... I will make a higher quality and much better version, with some stuff, I left out. If you have tips on the video. final release. Please comment Here's my YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/markcooz Please subscribe it will help me a lot, and also the XWD Authors!! thanks By Panta: moved. No need for creating a new thread for this... :slant:
  5. List Stack - to Have scroll feature...
  6. That's what I'm Saying, It'll keep you updated XWDock, and all of my other videos ... Well at least it'll help me out too By Panta: moved along with the previous thread. Btw, here you're assuming it's a spam. :slant:
  7. well first I need to know when the website will be finished so I can get on the video processing quickly and I will need peoples help to subscribe to my channel, because that's where I'll be posting all my XWD offical Videos By Panta: moved along with the previous thread.
  8. To Bobah13, and Deavy. I want to know when the website is going to come out because, I want to do a our official 5.4 or 5.5 (if it is going to update this early) video with the website ready, So I can get people to go to the website, and join forums, and spread the words about the our great dock! Since I am the official video maker of the dock, I will show whatever it is that you guys are adding to the new update i'm hearing about. In The video... I will try to show the viewers : - New improved stacks - Stacks Grid Effects (I have downloaded the all of the effects I think... Thanks AndrewY
  9. are these bugs fixed now? when will the next release be out?
  10. Request : If possible, if you've used a real m*c, for example the newest one leopard, when you minimize the window, it shows the actual size and shape of window for example I have (AIM window) and I minimized it, it should be a tall minimized icon instead of a square shaped icon... I mean it's not big of a deal, but it's a great feature to include next... if turned down it's okay. it's worth trying to tell people about it
  11. yeah i agree with byakkun it does feel smoother thanks for the updates bobah By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  12. you guys are seriously skipping numbers I don't think it'll be version 6 yet... I think either 5.2.4 or 5.2.5 but hopefully it'll be 6 from all the work he's put into it. can't wait vlad!
  13. agree with church punk but anyways @church punk, I don't think anyone is allowed to send bobah money off of paypal just yet, because paypal Ukraine doesn't take funds, they can deposit, but they can't recive funds
  14. that should shut them up for now bobah I don't want to say anything yet... I do get annoying messages when i go on standby, or hibernate, when I go back on... it says like -18 blah blah blah blah it's a short message... I barely use the dock now... but when the new update arrives, when many bugs are fixed I will start using it more often (I STILL USE THE DOCK) Happy New Years again to everyone
  15. How about iMovie, I know i know there's a lot of other video editing softwares, but iMovie is way different from Premiere Pro CS4, and Sony Vegas pro 8 I tried mostly all of the iLife apps, except for iWeb and iPhoto but I really would love to see a garage band, and iMovie, iPhoto i don't think it's needed since we have Picasa 3 which i think looks very much like a professional photo editor, and yeah you get the point
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