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  1. Who are you guys? Who am I? Where did this site come from, it wasn't here before! OMG I'M FREAKIN' OUT MAN! What the hell is RK Launcher!?
  2. Except me. NEW RK LAUNCHER NAO PLAX. Juuust kidding, I know how it is when people bug you for things involving computers and scripts and codes and all that =[ It sucks yo D:
  3. The better question is. ARE YOU SERIOUS? and if so... Why so serious? Oh and I've never seen this board before either, odd... Must of just been put up.
  4. The links he gives do not work :/
  5. Is there any docklet or something of the sort that will show the items in my quick launch/task bar? Like a few of my main programs minimize themselves to the quick launch bar, like Windows Live Messenger when it's closed out, any way to get it to show up in RK Launcher? Having to show the task bar every time I need to get to it is a pain, my web cam program won't just let you click the program icon to reopen it, it says it's already running, just tries to launch a new copy of it instead of reopening the old one. Hope that makes sense >> <<
  6. Reinstalled and redid it all, all problems are fixed. Even the Class error thing or whatever, just had to make two different SysStat folders =P
  7. Is it possible to rename it? I can't stand having "Yzstartmenu for Frances" pop up every time I go over it, it's too long and just ugh, I want it to say "Start Menu" I tried changing the name for it but it didn't do anything :/ Help? Also I'm using RK launcher, if that makes any difference.
  8. Title explains it all really, I've tried closing rk launcher and editing the config file and making it read only, it doesn't help. I don't know what to do and I've tried searching the forums and coming up empty handed. Any help? I want RK Launcher to be on the bottom of the screen, in the middle.
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