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  2. hi, thank you so much for replying i do try the superdocker and candybar,sd have the option for separator,but they can be replaced,but they can not be moved i just move them, thank you so much,really hope i can remove them by the way,do you have the swat icon?really like it,and want it so bad
  3. it's mac os x sl,i saw people's wallpaper,they already did it anyone knows?thank you so much
  4. i do a little research ,but i really cant find a way to remove it? any idea for removing the separator?many thanks for the help
  5. long time ago ,i was looing for this icon,i knew it's nfr,but now finally i got my mac,would any kind heart people share this icon for me please? if you cant post here,would you please send me email? my email [email protected] also ,if you have that all kind transmit icon,please share with me,i huge appreciate it have a good weekend. anybody has this one?please please help me out,thank you so much Do not bump - mps69 also this one,anyone seeing this before?many thanks
  6. thanks a lot i just use the yahoo widgets, i was trying to find this one for a while,but i could find this one i could use another flip clock,but i hope i could find this one,many thanks again
  7. i feel so sorry about that,i was tryting to edit,but i couldnt change it,sorry again
  8. just saw this widgets,anyone has some idea about this,hope i could find here,i love this a lot,also hope it work for windows.many thanks
  9. dope dope,man,thanks quite a lot, i try to find this bape milo cool wall for several months,i thought i never gonna have it such a happy day,love it quite a lot,really thanks to you david!!!!!!
  10. thanks a lot dude,but that one is already shut down,will some one share the large hd size here?thanks in advance
  11. love this bape wallpaper a lot,hope someone could share ,thank you so much and have a good weekend
  12. life is easy and simple ,short,let more people enjoy the beautiful things is what i learned from school
  13. thanks to you all guys, i just know how to do it myself,to get those icon,but still hope some more guys will share some nice cool one,night night..
  14. wow,that's so sweeeeet dude,such a happy day,many many thanks
  15. thanks a lot dude,just wish could get those cute icons soon,hope more people will enjoy them
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