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  1. just ask to see if there is any icons for voa news? thx
  2. can any buddy send that cook skins to me via [email protected]? i fail to download it anyway
  3. Hi guy, Lately,i've beening experiencing the same problem with Trillian Pro 3... it tells me that...see the snapshot below for more info... any help would be appreciated...
  4. Here goes the link to many icon-PNGs,I think there are at least one piece is what you want or wanted...don't ask me who made em,cuz i don't know,i just got em by chance...enjoy it
  5. Ummm,really great man,i downloaded and installed it,for me this mod is the best one i've ever seen in this forum...and thanks for your work on it...
  6. Good to hear it,but does the Google purchase the Picasa's Company and release it as a freeware??
  7. i'll keep it and thanks..really awesome...keep your work,man!!!
  8. Great Surprise ot use Timan...thanks so much...just try it when i wanna a host a forum
  9. Lately,i was using Total Recorder Pro 4.5 to record some online streams,it works quite good,what beyonds my imagination is after that i cannot record by Mic. anymore... Have any cure to this illness? Thanks
  10. Thanks you two guys,i am currently usin' Foobar2000 as my primary auido player. I've done with all the stuff sketching explained,still can't display cd covers.wonderin' how i rename the every single cover for respective Albu..i.e.say i have the calling's ablum,called TWO.hwo should i rename the CD Cover art for this album? And another question is can it download cd covers from the web auto..ly?
  11. Today i downloaded and installed CRNI's great samurize script for foobar2000. But no detailed shipped with the CDCover.exe file... #1:Where should i my CD Covers(not the script,but covers for my cds) into? #2:How should i name 'em? Thanks
  12. As everybody knows,Windows XP comes up with a new convenience function,enabling U preview AVI,MPG and other vids when in thumnail view. But,some days ago i downloaded and applied a tweak to my computer and i lost that video preview abiblity,so,can anyone know how to turn it back on? Thx so much
  13. Hobbes,it works and thanks so much for that help...great
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