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  1. hope xwindows dock 2.0.0 can be applied on windows 7 system~~
  2. A lot of errors : 1. When I startup PC, it says the dock meets confliction in ram. 2. There always pop up many windows saying "windows main process rundll32 stopped working" 3. internet explorer can not open when the xwindows dock is running. If I quit xwindows dock evey software works normally and never see such errors. I love xwindows dock so much than other docks. Please fix these errors in the next version of xwindows dock!!! Thank you~~Thank you~~Thank you~~Thank you~~Thank you~~ I saw the windows (vista) error report, it is problem of XWDkernel.dll when this dll try to use run
  3. the picture often stuck when I watch movie on Storm player or Realplayer
  4. I love you bobah you are like the second coming of coding jesus.
  5. the dock always died when I use gallery. after I clicked to show desktop, the dock stop magnifing. I can't open IE browser, though I seldom use it. and the windows main process rundll32 often stopped working when I open Storm player. my system is vista 32-bit home. By Panta: merged. No need for double-posting; use 'Edit' instead! :slant:
  6. when I run xwindows dock, I can't open IE,and if I open storm player or other any media player it says "windows main process rundll32 stop working"
  7. it slags and stuck whie minimizing; and has confliction with NOD32 smart security; NOD32 often scan xwindows dock and make it slagy
  8. xwindows dock always die on vista
  9. Slowly more and more on vista
  10. ~~wow~~ It works well on my vista!!!!! Some suggestions: I hope this dock can reserve edge of screen(such like Objectdock), and can be installed as a system service, so that dock can appear with the Taskbar at the same time after login.
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