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  1. Well this looks like its it! The first black theme that is going to stay my VS for a LOOOOOOONG time. Top job (Y)
  2. You beat me too it! I was just about to post that my comp completely flipped out and ground to a halt.... This is such a superb desklet that I hope you fix it soon. Keep up the top work (Y)
  3. oh my! finally its coming :rule: this looks amazing
  4. Easy. Just add a new tool bar on your windows bar and set it to display only text. You can then add new tool bars with icons etc to build up the effect as they have done on the left.
  5. Wow great job so far - can't wait to see this finished. I've been waiting for a skin like this for Mozilla for ages, as I prefer it to Firebird. Keep it up . (Y)
  6. Well here are a couple of new walls for you all. Nothing spectacular this time - but nice and subtle walls.
  7. I hope you get things sorted, your site is an brilliant and impressive source for all things Dock. (Y)
  8. Here are some walls I've just created. Enjoy...
  9. I meant greyer but you could try reducing the brightness - just take that edge of a tiny bit.
  10. I personally think the buttons are too bright compared to the rest of the scheme - maybe drop the saturation down by 25%. Also the edges on the buttons still have white pixels showing up which detracts from the smoothness. apart from that great job so far
  11. just seen this.. http://www.tgtsoft.com/ There are 2 downloads - one for ladies and one for men! Men Ladies
  12. Tricky

    Tabbed Dock

    How about a function that let us Tab though the dock as we can with Alt-Tab in Windows - then we could open new programs or using another key select between running programs...
  13. very nice - I'm gutted that you decided to block me on MSN though
  14. I currently have issues with certain sites running xml in mozilla and would be grateful for an IE based browser that looked and worked better.
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