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  1. I don't want to visit the main page only to see the same repeated info that I already know. link to it yes - but don't waste the front page as an advert for Aqua Soft.
  2. When ASoft closed was the best bit - it made me realise what an un-healthy amount of time I had been spending on the site!
  3. just saying it would be much easier to do in Illustrator seeing as thats a vector image! PS is useless for all that....
  4. ok first off - this is an illustrator job. Then its been imported into PS and effects have been applied
  5. I'd like to see more images on the front page - its so text heavy it becomes un-readable and very dull looking. Even if they are just Graphic devices to liven things up a bit. Also have to pick you up on the 'no news for a week' thing.. its actually been nearly a month and a half!
  6. Very nice - could you post the patterned wallpaper without the art on top? I've been after that style of pattern for ages.......
  7. Timan - your my hero. We won't mention how you deliberately downloaded iTunes again and screenshotted it just to show how l33t your connection is.....
  8. I would prefer a lite verison
  9. ^^^^ Nice one Farty - I think you may have won the prize of 'Oldest member with fewest posts' prize. I feel honoured to class myself as an old timer.... although I'm waiting for Duckie to come back and say that 1 year is nothing and he was customising his Spectrum back in '86 with Jaguar icons.
  10. Yes what Zaft said. This should have been dealt with in private and the Mods/Admin's actions should not have been questioned and attacked so openly. This place would be nothing without the hours these guys put in and you are getting upset over a screen shot - please just grow up.
  11. And the lesson we have all learnt today is: If you are going to be Vauge - don't be too Vauge or Vague will get upset....
  12. Its a fake - Apple wouldn't release a.... oh wait sorry went into Auto-AS mode there Those are amazing!
  13. good good - i thought i was the only old(er) guy round here at 29.
  14. I've put OS X on a G3 and a 433 iMac and its well worth doing!
  15. No no I wouldn't ban YOURSELF for keep forgetting to put threads in the right subsection.
  16. at least he hasnt messed up the front page
  17. I've just had an idea! How about people who want to be a newsposter - contribute stories/news posts to a moderator/admin - and then they can post it. this way nobody gets to a be a token newsposter and you mods/admins can see whos keen on posting the news. After a few months you would get an idea whos doing the work and then make a decision based on that! How does that sound? BTW there hasn't been a news post in almost 2 weeks
  18. You might have more luck if you post in the *cough* digital studio *cough*
  19. Strange how its going upto 9.2.2 but not any further. How are you installing? putting the CD in while running 9 then running the OS X installer - to restart etc or booting direct from CD on startup? I know it sounds minor but I could never instal on a G3 without going the desktop route.
  20. The image you linked to has subtle scan lines (very easy to do in PShop) which disguise the resolution issues a bit. Also don't use saturation/hue - you will destroy the image, instead use the photo effects in PS - such as duotone/sepia. oh and NC *cough* digital studio *cough*
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