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  1. 32bit ultimate By Panta: moved along with the previous post.
  2. I also have it on Vista.. Perhaps SP1 fixed something that was preventing 1.3 from working before? It didnt work for my Vista a year or two ago.. now it does. By Panta: moved along with the previous post.
  3. At the pace this is going, I can picture XWD beating OD in every way in just a couple of months.. I do believe Bobah just needs to take some time and make sure everything is 100% before adding new features. Next time I'm not lazy and I get one of those random XWD error popups, I'll post it. By Panta: moved along with the previous post.
  4. Can you link me to it, PoulNyrup? Also, a preview would be great. Thanks.
  5. Very nice!! Any chance you can do something like that for VIsta Visual Style or WindowsBlinds?
  6. findeXer is working fine for me with Vista.. I just can't change the background color, but the actual column with shortcuts is there.
  7. Alright, so I have Vista Ultimate 32bit.. I have MirandaIM installed (latest version) unicode.. I cannot find ieview.dll in unicode... I also don't know how to set up tabsrmm skins or anything of that sort. I apologize for the question, but if anyone could help me, it'd be much appreciated. MSN: [email protected] If anyone would be willing to direct connect, that'd be even better. Thanks. Nevermind, a very kind modder guided me through the process. I still have one quick question, however. How would I go about replacing shell32.dll? I have the file and I know where the current one
  8. Although I agree that XP is more customizable as it is more lightweight and less features than Vista, I think w7 will top them all. We'll just have to wait and see.. I don't want to get off topic too badly.
  9. XP is overrated IMO. I can't wait for W7.
  10. I feel stupid. xD Thanks.. it was an easy install.
  11. It's fine.. At least I now know about it.. I installed it and it looks great tbh, it just doesn't remove the ugly Vista stuff. Thanks for your help. Although, do you know how I can get a hold of a KM player skin?
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