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  1. you'll want objectdock for that ..... Rocketdock only deals with your minimized windows ..... so if you talk to someone and minimize it, Rocketdock will happilly make hop like a bunny when the person ur talking to you sends you a msg ... but otherwise it doesnt ..... Objectbar on the otherhand CAn pu the items from the taskbar into your dock and will happily hop them should they need some attending
  2. Yes, Rocketdock ignors the font smoothing ... so almost all the fonts there looks ugly .... i had SOME luck with Myriad Pro, and Segoue UI(sp??) ....
  3. hi, yes that is a problem with RK launcher .... happenned to me with Kk menu ..... the solution SHOULD work with Stack docklet too ... go to Itemlist.conf (should open in notepad(or default text-editor)) scroll down until you see the stack docklet entry; should be a name entry in one of the [RKDockItem] s .... go to one that has "iconFilename" (q/o quotes in it ... ) and change it from C:/your/icons/path.whatever to C:youriconspath.whatever ... SHOULD work .....
  4. for your Login Problems: uninstall LeopardXP, install FlyakiteOSX (atleast the log-in screen) and re-install LeopardXP again (for some reason, it wont let you uninstall only parts of it >.>) ..... also ..... is there a way i can change the shutdown dialog??? please and thank you (it doesnt work properly on my crappy-a** computer)
  5. err .. oops ... meant left >.> ... ... srry .... and yea i just sent in a question on teh MS support site .... i prolly wont get an answer till next yr thou knowing MS, if i ever do >.> ..... and by then i'll actually have a mac xD ...
  6. as m y topic says, im looking for a freeware to move my toolbar buttons to teh left, i know leftsider (but it only works on my explorers), ShellWM (b ut it messes up a lot of my other programs), and WindowBlinds (which is a shareware, i already used it once, and i dont have a oarch for it) ... so if anyone here knows teh other ways to move my buttons to teh left that would b e greatly appreciated ....
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