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  1. no manches wey, ni q fuera tan facil acer todos esos clones, busca en los forums porq ahi ai unos q otros d los q quieres
  2. but i cant do it if its a folder
  3. creo q los agarrarias mas rapido si lo pones en ingles wey
  4. can somebody tell me if it is possible to change the icons inside the stack?
  5. just click ADD.... but i remember having a problem like this, where i could not get the desklet to show is was there but no showing....... just download the latest version and that should solve the problem
  6. Im using MacSwitch by Landvermesser i believe
  7. this is clearly my fake leopard
  8. wey si es real? o nel? namas quiero saber?
  9. how do i put custom icons on folders inside the stack?
  10. alright man i dint know it was against the rules speaking spanish....... oh iPxndx i saw the other thread about ilife is it real? o namas quieres engaƱar estoy gringos lol
  11. oral3z, no y0 p3nsaba q 3ra nadamas 3l wmp p3ro ac3 q todo s3a transpar3nt3 y ps mi compu no 3s tan chingona so m3jor asi lol
  12. hey wey es transparente tu wmp o es una ilucion optika pa q pareska? se ve chido d todos modos compa
  13. American me, 187, Blvd Nights, Born in East LA, Splinter, Blood in Blood out, My family/mi familia,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. yea but i dont really like it, because if i have applied icons for the folder the stack feature on xwd wont show them
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