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  1. Wait... "decrease in quality" in what sense? I mean, SD1 had smaller icons by default, SD2 uses 48x48: many applications still have small icons inside their .exe, so using them in a SD1 stack displayed a 32x32 icon which could be good, now in SD2 the stack tries to show a 48x48 or bigger icon, does not find one and zooms up the only available 32x32, resulting in a low quality icon. This is the ONLY icon quality "issue" I found in SD2. If you change your shortcuts icons with 128x128 or 256x256 .ico files you'll see that SD2 is way better than SD1.
  2. OK now matonga stop playing with your hardware and do some work on the docklet (you know, onHover etc.)
  3. If it were soooooooooooo important you could probably make a different docklet folder for each stack (stack1, stack2 etc.), duplicating all files and changing the stack icon, then adding one instance each to your dock...
  4. It was a bug in version 1.0; it was fixed in version 2.0 (which this thread refers to).
  5. Exactly If it hadn't been there in 1.0 nobody would have complained here either!
  6. Yes, it has been noted several times in this thread. I guess it will be fixed in future releases, the current still is pre-beta.
  7. Dash, it's enough to install rocketdock in a folder that is not under UAC, like Program Files is... some time ago I suggested (in the stacks 1.0 thread) to create a Tools folder in C:\ and install there.
  8. @Matonga: sometimes - not often but it has happened a few times recently, I'd say after you made those 'debug log' versions - Rocketdock crashes upon starting. When I restart it I get the usual 'rocketdock didn't start normally...' etc. and the dialog asking if I want to restore the default icons, to which I answer 'no', then it crashes again and everything repeats a couple times, after which Rocketdock starts perfectly with all docklets, icons etc. as if nothing happened. I have a feeling that this happens after I change some icon, either in the dock or in one of the folders the stacks docklet point to (I have 4 stacks docklets in my dock) but I cannot be sure since the crash comes as a surprise, for sure it didn't crash at some times I changed icons. It never crashes during use, only a very few times and only at startup. It didn't behave like this with SD 1.0 and, I'm quite sure, with the first releases of SD 2.0.
  9. Of course you're right, I completely forgot I made an .ico from it with IconEdit... when I think about the docklet etc. I always go into "rocketdock-mode" and think about icons as PNGs. Anyway it's not a problem anymore since the last release (4-2) correctly displays it, it seems it was something in the "full debug log" release only. The last version works fine with Vista Ultimate SP1 x86 and Rocketdock. In the meantime I got "converted" to the reflection effect
  10. WHAT setting? the Stacks Docklet doesn't have such a setting... you mean in ObjectDock? And icons in the fan display are as big as in the grid display anyway, also under Rocketdock. I'm running the latest "debug" docklet with reflection effect (which is really nice if you have your dock horizontal and have all icons with reflection like you can do with iReflector). Matonga, it seems that the latest DLL (the one you posted with a direct link, not the latest .rar) is unable to read this FileZilla icon here http://rocketdock.com/addon/icons/1633 which was perfectly read and rendered by the March 17 version and the previous "debug log" version, a generic (and low-res) exe icon is shown instead.
  11. Matonga, I had a try at the "log" version and it runs OK as the normal one in my case. The reflection is nice but it doesn't look good on my vertically placed (left side) Rocketdock. I switched back to the previous version since I cannot switch it off and anyway logging would produce a huge file in a short time.
  12. I remember back in the 1.0 thread that somebody showed proof that some recent OS version (don't know which, though, we should look for that post) indeed had an onhover effect... it wasn't there in the first versions but it was then added. EDIT: I found the posts from the 1.0 thread. In a few words, look here http://osxdaily.com/2008/01/07/highlight-s...items-on-hover/ to see how to enable the effect on Mac OS X 10.5 and get this result
  13. You DID solve the UAC crash for shortcuts running as Admin. Wonderful! And... I cannot wait to see what the "Say hello" button in Advanced does... :lol: Plus, I can see no option in Advanced for "Apply on hover effect" and the corresponding combobox to choose among at least ten different animations... Really, as with version 1.0 I do hope "some" onhover gets implemented, it could be enough the title highlighting for all titles (not just for the too-long ones) though some "button face" or similar could be nicer. I guess reflections will be very nice, also, you may even combine those (no reflection on hover?) but then I don't know how things work on the Mac... Do not double post - use the edit function - mps69
  14. Weird... I'm running it under Vista Ultimate SP1 32 bit and Rocketdock 1.3.5 myself and it runs OK. It even worked with 1.0 installed, though a few error dialogs sometimes popped up. I also have UAC enabled without problems, apart, it seems, shortcuts set to run as Administrator that crash the dock. Just to test, do not install it under program files, make some "tools" folder in the root of the drive and install inside it. Both Rocketdock and the Stacks 2.0 docklet, that is.
  15. The UAC issue I mentioned above also shows - apparently with the exact same behavior - with Access 2007 files which are NOT set to run as Administrator. I have several .mdb files with shortcuts in a stack and each time I click on one, Access correctly runs and loads the file, then after a small delay (a couple of seconds) Rocketdock crashes. I have checked, running only Access 2007 (the application) is fine, as is running other shortcuts to files, .PDF for example. If I change the shortcut to run "<path>\msaccess.exe" file.mdb instead of just file.mdb everything is fine (which is also fine as a workaround until you fix it ). Of course this also worked in 1.0.
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