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  1. Sorry Ladies & Gentlemen. I wasn't here for a looong time. I re-upload the package for you. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Try here: http://mt14.quickshareit.com/share/leopard3dfolders7d699.zip Cheers
  2. Thank you for appreciating. I have not yet Leopard, but I heard that the flat folder icons appear better in the Coverflow view in Finder. That's why they have coming back to the flat folders.
  3. For who not likes the flat Leopard folders, here are the 3D ones. I made png's. You can convert its for Windows (ico) or for Mac (.icns). Here is the address: http://www.divshare.com/download/1113628-26a Enjoy!
  4. 1. Tiger 2. Jaguar 3. Ubuntu 4. BeOS (Zeta now) 5. Windows (any kind)
  5. QE = Quartz Extreme / CI = Core Image
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