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  1. Sry, but it's a fact, that Microsoft is WAY more innovative than Apple. Alright, they built a quite nice GUI. But thats not the point. What they did is a quite small achievement compared to the success Microsoft had. And I'm not talking about financial success! I'm talking about the technical achievement. All this "OSX is much faster, more stable etc." - talking origns from a simplification. Yeah, Apple took the easy way and takes a lot of money for this. Just a few different hardware combinations, a lot of programmers especially programming for this base makes it very easy to create a stabl
  2. yes, but that would very likely be the end of apple...because just microsoft is able to build an OS running pretty sweet on millions of different machines not just on 3
  3. don't push him, he is doing all this great work for free! as long as you don't contribute to this project you have no right to demand anything
  4. Yes that may be suitable for persons like us really being into computers, but what about people how can barely handle an installer? I would suggest changing something in the source code. Don't get me wrong Matonga, I'm not pushing you, but maybe you can think of this in the next release
  5. I'm running Vista HP x32. I'm afraid I can't specify certain icons because this happens in all stacks with all icons. For example I have a folder (grid view) containing links to my games. While the icon of FarCry 2 shows up perfectly Anno 1701 is represented by the system's default icon for an application. Same with my "Tools" folder (fan): Spybot S&D is top, Avira AntiVir is not. All these icons are directly from the .exe of their own applications, nothing modded. When manually specifying a different icon for (e.g.) Anno 1701 and restarting the dock the new icon appears. Switching back t
  6. I hope it's not just my dullness but where can I find the latest version of the docklet? The version number of the one from the first post is still v0.1a but according to your history it should be
  7. I hope it hasn't been mentioned yet, but I didn't find anything concerning this bug in this thread: First, the new stacks are great. I really was like "Wow" when I saw the expanding animation for the first time. But unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the icons in the grid view. I created a stack from a folder containing links to several applications. In the folder everything is perfect but in the stack some icons are not shown. They are replaced by system standard icons for unknown applications. Any idea? (btw, the dock is RocketDock. But I hope this is not an issue)
  8. I guess that this is rather difficult to realize because right-clicking and dragging in Windows automatically pops up a context menu for moving, copying oder linking. The point is that this is a native basic Windows feature and I guess the changes that have to be done to the system would be impossible/very low-level stuff. But don't take this as the only answer, perhaps there is an application somewhere in the web.
  9. Afaik Flyakite does not use WB. I think it's just an .msstyle theme-file. And you can get pretty good results with theme change and some changed icons + switcher. I don't see the point
  10. German language file for 5.6 German.xml
  11. What about the HTC Touch HD? Just bought one, it's amazing I really recommend it
  12. The best addon against these criminal tactics are YOU my friend ;-) Just remember: No respectable institution would ask for passwords and TANs and PINs. If anybody or any website asks for something like this just press close and type in the adress to this page manually. If you keep on getting to this site you should consider a DNS-hack by virus or other malware.
  13. Would you call a Athlon X2 5000+ and 4gigs of RAM + HD3870 a top-notch machine? ;-) AFAIK the dwm-engine uses the graphics card to render the desktop, which makes this issue probably graphics card-dependent. What card were you using when testing it? AFAIK you don't have any warranty on a software installation at all. About the crash issue...actually I don't know, just create a restore-point and try ;-) But keep in mind that I tried hard to make my Vista SP1 system crash and I didn't make it. (Without deleting essential files on purpose, of course) It's really very stable and reliable.
  14. There is an application which almost perfectly does this job...except of the "blow away". It's called Switcher. It needs some improvements/modifications to make it perfect. Unfortunately the developer Bao Ngyuen from insentient.net did not respond to one of my mails. Maybe somebody else could try to contact him.
  15. That's pretty amazing! With matonga's apps you could build up a perfect leopard clone.
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