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  1. Can you make one for leopard and on vista !? -.-
  2. do you have the same thread but for a vista? I am trying to improve more and more my vista into a mac
  3. lmfao!!! never!!! XD 1 too bad i dont have a XP so i could have customized even more
  4. Nice I downloaded the WB skin and I have to admit it looks very nice, better then the one I had before. Now my OB is giving me problems, i was able to browser the themes I wanted from different folders Now i cant..... I press browser and nothing comes up... And I try to put the OB theme it self in the OB directory and it says "you need administrator permissions to do this" So i dont know whats wrong.... But I use this OB tell me if this is better or the one u have posted. http://www.markraats.com/Object%20Bar%20Themes.htm (Leopard Enhanced) Is that better or the one you posted evilm
  5. o I see, even tho i didnt want to hear that but alright !!!!!! And about the piracy part didnt know . I thought we could ask for apps or something. But i already got WB and everything so no worries
  6. omg u serous?!?! Y winXP all the time !!!!! They really need to cut the crap and make 1 for Vista....... SO you mean I cannot make my Vista any more like a mac!? !!!!
  7. I have to Redownload it then tell you..... Btw Is there a Styler for Vista??? I have searched EVERYWHERE! There is only styler for XP? !!!!! Can any1 get me a Styler for Vista?
  8. I have searched for Avedesk and I have even installed version 1.3, 1.4, and some other version. None of them worked. It said it was missing some ".dll" file i forgot the whole name but, I searched for it in all the files, And never found it........ SO I need a new 1
  9. No thanks THanks to you I got this All Here is my new desktop :DD!!!!!!! But I am still trying to make things look better if any 1 else could help me . I owe you my thanks Ojalord with the APPS you told me about and your site Everything was possible for me !!!!!! I am still trying to get Widgets that Are like in 1 place. Example. Like A program where I can place my widgets in And put that program on my RK launcher and Click it so All my Widgets come on screen. IS that Prossible?
  10. Actually I just used WindowBLinds From Downloads.com. I downloaded a visual style just like that and mine looks EXACTLY the same now !!!!!! ITs just ur dock looks different. I use RK launcher. And thanks OJ for telling me some apps I got some of this down, I am still trying to make my Main bar look like the Macs Menu bar. BUt I needed a Cracked ObjectBar app to make that work Other then that everything this is going great!
  11. Thanks ;P I will search around and see what I can find. Thing is ALL these skins,themes etc are from DeviantART and when i just search google they are harder to find . Btw i was going to ask where to get WB but since I cant, Can any 1 give me there MAC Os X skin and Objectbar?? So i can try using those, because the ones I get from google straight dont work ;(. Thanks this forum is awesome
  12. umm i am new to all this, it says Install it in the OB directory. I cannot even open the file. What do I open it with and how do i install it?? Can some 1 tell me or PM me
  13. Yes i figured that out..... I was playing around with WIndowBlinds and got got the visual style stuff down, but never got them to work...... Everytime I try to change my style it goes to Classic style instead of the 1 i want it to go on.... I dont know what to do now then ever...
  14. Well dude I have been going to deviantart.com and downloading all these objectbars and etc. And they are all in different type of files which i dont know how to run and stuff..... I can put them to rar and post the link here... Cuz i have NO idea what This is about...... AT ALL...... The things i am downloading they arnt exe files are are different types or files like programing files which I dont know how to open. They are like shadowblind skins and object bars and etc. Can you atleast tell me the steps how to make a Simple objectbar working? I mean i like here http://rippernkind.devi
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