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  1. I'm glad to hear that it's working for you and everybody here. I've been really busy with school and work, so sorry I haven't been able to contribute more to Aqua-Soft.
  2. This application is shaping up very nice indeed. I can't wait until you add new features mentioned on Page 1. Keep up the good work dude.
  3. BTW, has anybody heard from Bobah? I miss that dude man. He doesn't even have to make XWD anymore, I would just like to know that he's okay or something. Maybe it's too many requests and not enough helping. I mean I would like to see some of the things mentioned here as well, but I'm pretty sure he's fed up with the requests. Has anybody been able to contact him? By Panta: moved.
  4. Well I'm not sure about the first photo, but I know that if you download OB and find a good theme, it will automatically come with it.
  5. When I installed it on my computer using a visual style, the MaxMinClose buttons have a white orb around the edges. I do however love the new design. I also think that it's much more CPU than previous versions. Maybe this is due to the new coverflow features and bookmarks. It is still lovely though! Also, did anybody notice that they got alot of the new design from Google Chrome?
  6. Well you should try to go to your desktop properties and go to the advanced tab to check the font of the taskbar. I don't remember the exact path, but I know you right-click to get to the desktop properties.
  7. Run the installer again. When it asks if you want to reinstall or uninstall components, choose uninstall components. Then check whatever you want to uninstall and choose finish.
  8. You should search Google. I remember it having links to tutorials and forums explaining the necessary steps.
  9. This isn't a function in the real spaces so I don't think it would be implemented. Although, you never can tell what Schmrom is planning to do with this
  10. You can find Rosie here at Aqua-Soft by searching the forums. Matonga has released a patch to change the font face and I have created a Leopard Skin for it. Just search through the whole Rosie thread to find everything. If you need more help don't hesitate to ask me.
  11. So is Myspaces going to have an update or something?
  12. I'm not sure, you should ask him that.
  13. Well the plan is to keep development with this application, but the hard part about fixing the bugs is that parts of the code are needed that the developer didn't release before leaving. This code is a big portion of the things needed, and without it someone would have to revamp the whole application. It would be much easier to just make a whole new application instead of messing with this one. It is a great application, but I don't think that it is appropriate to mod and hack someone's application without their discretion. If someone knew how to contact the Developer then they should ask him
  14. Dude, I will try this out when I get home. It looks pretty from the screens you posted.
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