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  1. pal , you have to reinstall your windows
  2. Is there any update vemod ?? Hope yes cauz i love that app.i'm using it from the beginning very fine work
  3. oh yeah , its back to hear that i would love to see rk launcher back , cauz i'm using it frequently and something missing "maximizing aladin's lamp effect as minimizing" please buddy can you do that ? cheers
  4. the link work 100% pals http://rocketdock.com/addon/22757/download everything is fine i tried it
  5. Well guyz you must try this then anyway http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=52450
  6. Well , great found buddy , i like it and it's very very useful for me i love it thank you very much
  7. well i think for bsayz , that you may unable findexer , try that
  8. Have you tried to uninstall the first release before installing the new one ?? i think thats your problem there mate
  9. Wow , i love you man , this version 1.0.3 Works great and the explorer.exe works fine tooon my seven 7100 , not so hungry for memory as the precedent version , well there is something else here i cant access to the setting a message " Runtime error 383 'text property is read only' i dont know what is that any help ?
  10. Yeah man you're right , you know what i just think that Cover flow in vista or seven explorer is gonna be Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge , i'm sure of that we have just to be patient for another better release of That, God bless you guyz
  11. hi guyz i dont understand why i have an ugly preview of files and ugly font too in the screenshots i see that everything is fine someone have the same thing ??
  12. i just install it in win 7 naturally and works fine just right click on the menu bar at cverflw , and Hop , thats it the PNg image file is ugly man why ??
  13. Oh man, I the RC 7100 i installed it, and works pretty well this cover flow is hungry baby my explorer.exe process seems to explode lol about 150 % then the normal process great app anyway i love it
  14. i intalled it and Works fine under test now
  15. Hell yeah , but is there any risk of losing data or explorer behavior ? please tell me aloso did i have to reboot the machine after that ? and big thanks for the quick reply
  16. it's Windows 7 RT Edition 2009 x86 (Build 7100) but , if it works on a normal windows seven , i'm sure that will work for me , i dont wanna test it like that , if you know what i mean any idea mate ??
  17. did that work with windows 7 rt ??
  18. You know what , the man created this stacks , and people test , enjoy and try to develop it much better, when there is time The problem is time , and there is more features that you'll enjoy it i'm sure of that . if you have any problem , just say it , i'll help you as much as i can Cheers buddy .
  19. Then your Xp has somthing wrong baby i just tried in in Xp Vista and Seven Rt it works perfect buddy
  20. i know that pal its because you've choosin that wallpaper who's more clear in the finder bar text area try anything elese and you'll see i've got the same problem but now i use objectbar i'ts fine any help with that i'm here buffy
  21. Works Great for me man really this is amazing i'll post a screen shot as soon as possible great update buddy thank you very much
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