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  1. ty this is the app i'm currently using what's the *.dll file which has the wifi systray icon in it?
  2. Hey guys Have some work for you, I don't know if anybody would be so kind and could create 3 icons for me.. The Leopard Blue Folder Icon ( Attached ), with a Dollarsign, a Shoppingcart, a Cellphone ( whatever ) and a Notebook in it. Would be great if it would look like the original Leopard folders. You would really help me out guys..
  3. but everybody knows that it's spelled "english" and not "inglish..." ^^ i think this programme is not 2 good, but it is pretty compareable to the "MAC OS X Finder"
  4. holy shit your dock is full... crazy but it looks good tho'
  5. Kaw you probaly "played" this "game" for 2 hours after realizing that it is boring just joking, but funny thing tho'..
  6. I'm goin to try it out By the way: Is there any Leopard Taskbar System Tray Icon Package out?
  7. okay great thanks, but.. what about the battery, volume and wifi icon? where do i find them?
  8. Hey, I've been searching if there is such a topic like I'm opening right now on AS but couldn't find any answer to my question.. All I'm asking for is, is it possible to change the Icons which are marked in a red box? Best would be if i could change the icons in a .dll file.. but if there's any software which makes it possible to change them, it would be good 2.. hope anybody here can help me PS: I'm using Windows XP SP3... Greets ToJu
  9. why can't i see any screenshot of this theme? i only see "here is a screenshot" and no screenshot there Oo
  10. I've never thought 'bout sth. like that.. don't thinkt that an app could cut out the tasks "field" out of the "taskbar"
  11. maybe it's reflecting the icon's automaticly instead of putting there icon's which have the reflection..because the title says "real glass"... but he doesn't write anymore.. so what's goin on?
  12. where can I download something from Ronnie? I only see some dots like "..............." why?
  13. There you go, here is a Transparent Icon, load this icon as your default folder icon, and change the view of your icons on minimum... then u just click on the names instead of the icons Hope this is what u ment.. Empty Icon.zip
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