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  1. I used to have it working for gmail, but a few months ago it stopped and I started getting errors. Not sure what the problem is, I can get gmail to work on objectdock with checkmail docklet, and I can get other imap email accounts to work on 5.6, so I'm not sure what is wrong with it.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has managed to get the xmail docklet in 5.6 to work for gmail recently, or has a mail docklet working on xwd 2. I used to have xmail working perfectly on 5.6 until one day it just stopped working, giving me a range of error messages depending on which setting I choose (generally socket errors). I seem to be able to get my gmail account to work in object dock checkmail, so not sure what the problem is. Given that the mail docklet is the only reason I was staying with 5.6 and not upgrading to the new one, has anyone managed to get a mail docklet up and running in the
  3. Has anyone managed to get xmail docklet working? Mine is still saying "socket error #10054 - connection reset by peer"
  4. I've had troubles with 5.6 in W7. Crashes on startup, icons change to separators etc. Have it installed in the docs folder instead of programme folder which seems to have solved the probs. Awesome work Bobah, you are a champion. Thanks so much for all your work on this app!!
  5. Hi all, For those having trouble with Windows 7, I did what someone here suggested and shifted the XWD folder from the programme files folder to documents folder, and so far it's working. I have just installed windows 7, and almost uninstalled it for the grief it gave me with this dock. I had similar problems to others, when I would restart the computer or dock, docklets would be replaced with dividers (divider still had label showing as the original docklet label name when I hovered over them). It also started adding a trash docklet to the dock randomly, I hadn't put one on there. Stuff was
  6. Thanks Fedropance, that's what I thought, just assumed that "hmail" was hotmail and I got excited! Keep up the awesome work!
  7. Can I ask what settings you have got to get it to work for hotmail? Assuming that's what hmail is? Cheers
  8. BRILLIANT!!!! Just wanted to say well done. I have been looking for something like this forever and finally it's here!!! There is only one thing I could add as a feature. Apple's dockstar widget allows you to have more than one indicator on the icon, if you have more than one email account (see link). Similar function to your cycling through as far as I can understand, just that you can see them all at once rather than flicking through. But I love this as it is too, that's the only thing I could think of. I think you have been incredibly generous with all the modifications you have made t
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