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  1. Hi KSoft, I have found my problem with the lock function, it stops the drag and drop function in RunME, but when i drag a window around on my sreen and move it across my runme tab. It still reacts as if it has been clicked on whne i have only drag the mouse over with the mouse button pressed down. I have slide in only on mouse click enabled. Lix
  2. To KSoft, The problem i get is that there is no difference in the function of locked and unlock in RunMe. I still can drag and drop icons on RunMe when locked is set. This is what i would expect from the unlocked setting but not from locked. The locked should disable the drag and drop functionality and lock should enable this? Have i missed the functionally of this as it does not work to what i am assuming. Jlix
  3. Ksoft, i have tried the latest version and that has fixed my problem with the groups so that is not an issuse. The lock/unlock function does not work still, as there is still the same function when in lock or unlock.
  4. I am using XP sp2. The groups do not open the next level when the mouse is over them but works fine with 0.9.2. config.ini.txt
  5. I have tried out and when i unlock RunME and drag anything onto it, it disappers. The lock/unlock does not seem to work correctly. Are groups intentionally turned off as the have been disabled in all the 0.9.2.* versions, i have used?
  6. It tried v0.9.2.3 and the lock stopped working, so i have gone back to The main bug with this is when RunMe appearing in the taskbar after the first click on a application, just after booting my pc, this is happening everytime i restart the pc, as highligted in pervious post. I am using dual mointours and with the settings and about menu appear in the centre of the two monitours. This can be changed easily in delphi to form postion centre screen or desktop (can not remeber off the top of my head).
  7. With version 9.2.2 i have found a few bugs, sometimes the first time i click on a application Runme appers in the taskbar and there is no way or removing other than exit the application and restart it; see image. I found the "config.ini" file for 9.2.1 did not go too well with 9.2.2 and had to make a new one. Runme was having a fit on the edge of my screen. Also the groups do not decend, as i click on it and nothing happens. It seem that you have disable the function to drag and drop external apps onto runme all together, i do not mind this but what about the people whom use this function?
  8. Thanks Ksoft, That works great, i will keep you posted on any bugs i find.
  9. Hello KSoft, Has there been any progress with an option to lock the drag and drop function as this is still annoying me every now and then? I also get RunMe closing on me randomly, i have no idea on how this happens as i go to use it and it has gone. It happens proberly once every two to three weeks, but i can not be any more help than that. Thanks
  10. The lock option may be the best as i never used the drag and drop function, or have it respond to something like, Ctrl + click or D + click.
  11. I have found an annoying bug from my setup. I have the RunMe set on "Slide in on mouse click'. When you press the mouse button down and drag it towards the edge of the screen when RunMe lives, it will appear without being clicked on. This is annoying when drag and selecting a lot.
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