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  1. That's objectbar, by stardock. with a leopard skin.
  2. Thanks guys, problem solved. @Manish, i didn't want to repair my motherboard, it was brand new. I just needed to do a repair XP install so it would register properly.
  3. Thanks technosinner. Hopefully I won't mess it up, haha. Yeah, it's an IDE drive and it's already set as a slave in my current setup, so that's not a problem. Thanks for the info!
  4. Thanks KAWSquared, thought so about the disk, needed a second opinion. Losing 160gb data is not on the agenda! With the SP2/3 question, I just wasn't sure if it was a better option leaving it until after putting the new hardware in, but I guess it doesn't really make a difference?
  5. Hey guys, My new motherboard (along with processor and ram) will be arriving either today or tomorrow, and I am aware that I will have to do a repair installation of Windows XP. My first question is: I have two hard drives, one for my system, ie; program files etc, and one for storage of media, such as videos, photos, music. Will I be able to remove this storage HD and plug it back in after the repair installation? This disk contains NO system files, just media and the occasional installer. If not, what do I need to do to be able to remove it and plug it back in after repair? As there is too
  6. It's from an app names 'Process' http://www.jumsoft.com/process/ for mac. I have it somewhere on my HD, i'll send it to you if I can find it.
  7. You should try play around with your .ini file yourself. I tried other people's configs and they ended up looking terrible on mine, in the end I found what was right for me.
  8. Seeing as you have to pay for these icons - out of respect and general sense i don't think anyone will do that for you. Pay for them like everyone else.
  9. Yes I am going to answer. In the UK the time of sending that was 2am, some of us need to sleep. I have just PM'd you.
  10. both of those are my screenshots... you could've just PM'd me.
  11. He's moved it to... http://www.mcdodesign.com/
  12. 5.3 skins aren't compatible, sorry dude. You can try porting some from 5.3 to 5.4 using matonga's skin editor, but be prepared to make grid edges and masks for new ones.
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