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  1. yes you can i own a vbulletin and code php i know how it works @ my "misspelling" I know i did im not retarded i did it on purpose and why are you purposely trying to piss me off you realize that makes the site look bad since you hold a staff position.
  2. you are god thanks and to answer everyones question yes its for an ipod modding program rockbox is an open source alternative firmware for the ipod and the linux pengin was for ipod linux edit im new here so im not really sure how things work do i need to edit my title to say solved?
  3. wow i didnt even know call of duty 4 was on the computer. im horrible at it on xbox so im sure im even worse on the computer lol.
  4. I need customized folders for a program im making. i need something that looks simular to this one folder needs to have a linux penguin on it and the other needs to say "Rockbox" on it (with out the quotes) If anybody can do this it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Is their a post requirement to view/download attached files and if so how many do i need?
  6. yeah that doesnt look real but it still is possible
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