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  1. well a few people wanted the image in my latest screenshot so here is the wallpaper along with about 20 HIGH RES images to make your own as well.. Have fun fellow Ibanez fiends.. Screenie of wallpaper Download Wallpaper Here http://www.ibanezcollectorboxes.com/Jem7vwh.jpg BONUS DARK Wallpaper Here With Modded Shadows http://www.ibanezcollectorboxes.com/Jem77FP.jpg Download HIGH RES Images Here http://www.ibanezcollectorboxes.com/Ibanezs.zip
  2. Jet Black by Swizcore Apnea by Ibanezcollector Icons by Rayform Design
  3. I wish its a photo of a pair of B&O speakers... They look pretty but not the best sounding. <--- Audio Affecianado
  4. Theme: Ruler Purple /Black Menus by Sosumu Yoshida Icons: G5 System by Dave Brasgalla Wallpaper: Kari Sweets by me(inspired by Ultraman and modded of his theme)
  5. Bored as usual Theme: Ruler Icons Minium Wallpaper B&O
  6. Cleans Up Real Good Icons: Minium by Rad-E8 Wallpaper: On Returning by 4impressions Theme: Eternal Orange Mod by Makki
  7. Clean and Simple Theme: Pulsar Green Wallpaper: Pulsar Green by Me
  8. Last One I swear this one is a Keeper I like it alot.. Inspired by Ultraman's Nudes CD wallpaper Pulsar Red by Daisuke Yama****a Minium by Rad-E8 Wallpaper by Me (Model: Kari Sweets)
  9. Second and Final Christmas themed wallpaper for me.. Wall Kari Sweets by Me Ruler Milk Green Mod by BioScoop Minium Icons by Rad-e8
  10. Merry Xmas Milk Blue Wallpaper By Me Icons by Rad-e8
  11. http://www.customize.org/details/34619 found it thanks...
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