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  1. I have two different sizes.
  2. Hey, uhohzitzcooky, what are those headphones that you have on your desk?
  3. Here you go: http://www.sendspace.com/file/eygvs6
  4. Are you using Compact Menu 2? If so, replacing the code in compact.css file with the edited code below works. I've just tried it. Don't forget to rename your icon to "blue.png" because that's the default image name in compact menu 2. @namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); #menu-button { min-width: 0; min-height: 0; width: auto; height: auto; padding: 2px 3px; list-style-image: url("chrome://compact/skin/blue.png"); -moz-image-region: rect(0px, 33px, 16px, 0px); } #menu-button:hover { -moz-image-region: rect(16px, 33px, 32px, 0px
  5. Here you go http://www.sendspace.com/file/5o88g0
  6. 1. Close Firefox. 2. Move the original 'google.xml' file in your default Firefox search plugins folder, usually located in C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins, to a safe location. 3. Unzip and place the 'google.xml file attached below into your C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxsearchplugins folder. 4. Restart Firefox. It should work now...hopefully. google.zip
  7. Well, what theme are you using? It may not look good depending on the theme you're using. Editing the google.xml works for the iFox Metal theme that manneman is using and the userChome edits that Slewed posted should work for other themes. What does it look like after editing the google.xml?
  8. Do you mean you want it to look like this: If so, you have to replace the Google search provider icon by editing the google.xml using base64, like you previously did, but this time use this code to replace it with a clear icon (yeah, I know, it's really long):  f8%2F9hAAAABGdBTUEAALGOfPtRkwAAACBjSFJNAACHDwAAjA8 AAP1SAACBQAAAfXkAAOmLAAA85QAAGcxzPIV3AAAKOWlDQ1BQa G90b3Nob3AgSUNDIHByb2ZpbGUAAEjHnZZ3VFTXFofPvXd6oc0 w0hl6ky4wgPQuIB0EURhmBhjKAMMMTWyIqEBEEREBRZCggAGjo UisiGIhKKhgD0gQUGIwiqioZEbWSnx5ee%2Fl5ffHvd%2FaZ%2 B9z99l7n7UuACR
  9. @Phoshi /* hide all tab favicons */ .tab-icon { display: none !important; } Edit: If that one doesn't work try this one: /* Hide all tab favicons in FF3*/ .tab-icon-image { display:none !important; }
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