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  1. im having problems with the theme thing! ive made a theme b4 but now whenever i even try and make the same theme over with the same pngs and everything it makes it, and doesnt show up in the list of themeees! ive tried doznes of times 2 do it but it wonttt |: anybody know how i cna fix this? edit: never mind answer was on the page b4 lol
  2. hey denis700 can u plz upload the latest version of ur leopard dock 4 me? i was waiting 4ever 2 use it but was at my grandmas with her dial up and couldnt download it |: my email is - [email protected] ur work is very niceee, but im not a fan of vista and love leopard lol
  3. An easy way to make a skin is to go into C:Program FilesXWindows DockSkinsCurrent copy all the pictures and paste them into C:Program FilesXWindows DockSkinsTools Edit these icons in the tools folder and then after editing them open the Config file and name the theme, now highlight all the things in the folder but XSkinMaker and drag them on top of XSkinMaker and a file should apear with a random name, change the name 2 what u named the skin and right click and cut it now go paste it into the C:Program FilesXWindowsDock5.2.3Skins folder
  4. Here r some requests, (probaly been posted b4 tho) : - taller dock background, when u make the icon size larger the dock small and looks weird. - fixed magnification, make it not scrunch the reflection - icons, ive noticed they get scrunched a bit 2, maybe just bcuz my icons r 512 x 512 - fix the dock from becoming more transparent when turning on window reflection. - option 2 change the pictures overlay in stacks, hopefully i can see some of these in the future (: thanks
  5. i loveee ur dock! thers 1 problem tho, when i turn on magnification the reflection gets all scrunched. is it me or a bug? also cant wait 4 denis700s themeeee!
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