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  1. no pho... the point of that is makin the mac os x emulation beter, AcidOO is makin the finder bar, and other are makin sys files mod..... it's a community project at mcthink.net :naughty:
  2. man that toatly rox!! too bad that i left mac os x emulation until i get a newer comp :cry: :rant:
  3. not as cool as your panther theme but it looks prommesing :naughty:
  4. big clean ballz big dirty ballz windowblinds>panther by xero ob> smooth stripes by crni wallaper> nuuse by seph(ohh man, that's freaky coooooooool photo-wall) icons> panther objectdock plus miranda mod( ohh seph you're my im skin god!) and some others.... :naughty:
  5. ahuienie iconi! kruta! tnx cool(^-^) icons
  6. coool and btw it's in alpha verson but i already have it skinde like pixadex :6
  7. makin it fully functional would be awesome :naughty: but it's cool enough! btw can you do it to open an "ask window" before you change the wallpaper?
  8. mojesh skazati gde mogu vziati tot "trash" icon? can you tell me there to find that "trash" icon?
  9. i made a little mod to xero's wb skin to use it in the per application option to make it's contactl ist look like this, but it changes the messaging window too, any way to make it to skin only the contact list style?
  10. cool man cool, but the scrool bar will have those buttons like in mac os x style(i mean, like the scrooler in nexplorer 1.9
  11. cool pics, too bad it's too smal for my screen
  12. sounds promissing, but i think as the otherone, i'll belive it then i'll see it :canadian:
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