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  1. is there a way to change the highlighted item in the context menu from gray to blue?
  2. fixed. i copied over the 3 files and my skins, effects, etc. into a new install
  3. i'm getting an access violation when i try to open the preferences window. after i click ok, the preferences window opens but the OK button is inactive even after a setting is changed. and the list on the left of the window has no text, just icons. not that big of a deal since everything is already customized how i want, but if i want to change something later or switch skins, can't do it. this happened after i installed the XTasks v0.1 docklet. i thought that might be the culprit. so i uninstalled it and the problem persists. =/
  4. the option to hide pictures and video from stacks. it would make it better when you have a stack from the desktop, and a separate gallery from the desktop, with the desktop icons hidden.
  5. when a window is minimized, make it minimize to the left of the recycle bin. or in other words, keep the recycle bin always on the far right. (by default) can there also be an option to set the quality of animation? example: when it takes a screenshot of the window before it distorts it and puts it on the dock, have a setting to lower the quality of the screenshot taken of the window. that might increase performance of the effect. (with the speed faster, it's still very jumpy, sometimes only 2 or 3 frames until fully minimized, which is kind of annoying. (yes i know i should get a better pc,
  6. would it be difficult to create a twitter docklet? XTweet or something, to view updates and replies, and possibly post updates as well. something like the TwitterFox extension for FF
  7. i think a faq is a great idea. but there should also be a help file included with the dock. maybe forget the faq post idea and instead make a txt or psd file included with the installer in the zip.
  8. could there be an added option to hide desktop icons the way styler does? maybe to go along with a context menu option to delete desktop items from 'stack from folder'. it might be unnecessary but worth asking.
  9. second. with ability to end a process.
  10. no, my icon is from a picture of a single frame of imax footage. i don't think that angle itself is in the actual movie, the camera switches away from the joker right away. if you have the bluray version you might be able to save a frame of the movie as a wallpaper with vlc, if it's big enough.
  11. i have no questions, they're all great. good job
  12. that's odd. i have all the settings exactly how i had them in 5.4 and it's still not fixed. anybody else experience this?
  13. not sure if this is a bug or what or if this is the place to say it, but has anyone noticed when you add a custom stacks icon, the icon is squished? it's not as wide as previous versions. every other icon is normal, including the icons IN the stack. just the actual stack icon is weird. and i'm using the same custom icons in both versions. screens: finder icon in 5.4 finder icon in 5.6
  14. how about an option to blur the background underneath the dock when the transparency is below 100%. kind of how vista and win7 blur the taskbar.
  15. i'm not sure how this happens, but whenever the dock quits then restarts again (mostly by logging on and off, it's set to run at startup) the icon shadow thickness increases on it's own. i have it disabled but when i go into the settings i notice it's increased more than before
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