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  1. I currently use Pro on my tower and Home on my laptop. I've notice no significant difference between the relative speed of operations between the versions. However, as it has been mentioned here, Home does not have extended network capabilities - specifically, you can't connect to a (Netware) domain with it (you can't even install the CSNW client).
  2. @Supercooled: Have you tried setting your desklets to have a "locked position?" Try that and then use single-clicks.
  3. If the hiPhone or the transparent I,Robot-esque phone from the esato board were available, I'd have one in each hand.
  4. Hmm, Judge...very tempting. I will consider it, but I've always found WB to be much clunkier than VS's. Seems to just slog along on every machine I've tried it on (from my 1.7GHz PM725 to a P4).
  5. Thanks everyone! @Nico: good suggestion - they are kind of cramped up now, huh? Glad to know you've hoped for it... @Judge: I'm thinking that a VS is the first one to work on, then WB of course. @Detox: don't you love this nick?
  6. Dream_Team and I are working on a VS based upon my sig. No full preview yet, but technological, artistic or ergonomic suggestions are welcome.
  7. Just wondering if I should bother changing my avatar to match my sig. Comment away, I really hate the thing anyway.
  8. Well, my girls gave me a nifty Colibri Data pen that has a built-in stylus and is gravity activiated (don't ask me to explain). They also gave me an intensely bright LED flashlight for my keychain - it's really it blinding. Hmmm...my son gave me a very cool Microman figure that I always wanted. And then of course I got the usual assortment of seasonal clothing. From myself to myself, I got this: O2 Xphone II Oh, and my wife gave me...nothing.
  9. @nightcrawler1089: I suppose I hide behind analogies sometimes because I fail to have the eloquence to express what I actually mean. Believe it or not, that's actually how I survived my college writing courses. The prof's thought it was some sort of skill or something. Odd.
  10. You have a good point there, herd. OD is much more responsive when there is no mag effect. However, I think that the magnification is the sexiest aspect of the dock and disabling it is like ripping the leather off the seats in your car.
  11. @wiebeest: I really appreciate your reply. It was thoughtful and well formed. I think that it's only fair that I should elaborate on what I started. I stopped using OD+ when I accidentally disabled it at startup (I usually have it just start with XP). I was in a rush trying to get out a project at work and I ended up spending the whole day just using the plain ol' XP interface. I was astonished at just how quickly I was able to move between apps by using the taskbar and start menu. Later that night, I enabled OD, and the difference was shocking. Even though I run OD from a RAM disk, my aw
  12. @DO: I suppose you're right, but it's no excuse for me flaming someone. @pcw: Yeah, I saw that. I remember when I was 21, 14 years ago...Ahhh, youth - it passes so quickly.
  13. You're right, Dirty Ole. I really need to chill. It must be post-Christmas-Stress-Disorder. Forgive me, please. Ignore me from now on.
  14. Unbe, you're starting to piss me off. How old are you? If you're under 20, then I'll just laugh it off. Otherwise, there are some social interaction and etiquette courses I can refer you to. JK.
  15. Jeez, I didn't mean to cause any controversy. Unbe, take it easy, man.
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